[Newsletter] Pro2 discount expiring in 2 days

Get print-ready photography with the new Pro2


Win more business and save time with the new all-in-one Pro2 3D Camera, featuring 36MP print-ready photography, higher resolution visuals in 3D Showcase, and new GPS functionality. You'll have everything you need to market yourself - and your properties - online and offline.

Order before June 30th, 2017 with promo code CUSTOMERLOYALTY to get $500 (£400/€450) off each Pro2 Camera you purchase.

If you purchased a Pro 3D Camera within the past 6 months, you may be eligible for our trade-in program (Sign up by July 31, 2017 in order to qualify). Email support@matterport.com to learn more.


[Feedback Wanted] Send us your favorite -- or least favorite -- Teaser Videos

A couple of weeks ago, we launched Teaser Videos -- automated MP4s and GIFs to show off your model. In order to improve, we want your feedback! Please email us your GOOD & BAD Teaser Videos:

  • Attach your example MP4 or GIF to an email.

  • Put "GOOD" or "BAD" in the Subject Line.

  • Include a few words about what you like or don't like.

  • Email the teaser video to teaser-feedback@matterport.com.

We'll take your feedback and use it to improve the system. Thank you!


[Blog] Creating a virtual ecommerce experience for Rachael Ray Products

Rachael Ray launched her home department last year with a beautiful line of furniture and home decor pieces. As part of their marketing, Rachael Ray Home is using Matterport's technology to give online visitors the experience of walking through an expertly designed and decorated residence on any computer or mobile device.

Explore the Rachael Ray 3D experience on our blog.



  • I went to buy a Pro 2 in addition to the Pro camera I already have on June 30th, assuming it appears wrongly the customer discount ran out at the end of that day. When entered the coupon did not reduce the price so I did not purchase it. It appears that from what I have read you had to order before June 30.

  • Hello Karl,

    The existing customer discount was still valid on the 30th when you started the order. It shows as zero as our fulfillment team manually verifies eligibility (that you are a current camera owner and that your existing camera is not being returned as part of the Trade in program).  I checked with them today and they let me know that since you started the order on the 30th, ( the date is visible in the shopping cart), they would honor the discount provided you completed the order today.



  • @Matterport-Bob, 

    I have just seen this and it is my wife's birthday today and I will be getting on a plane soon so who do I contact.



  • @Matterport-Bob

    I attempted again online but it still shows the amount without the customer discount.



  • Hi @Matterport-Bob,

    I contacted the sales telephone number to try and expedite this and left a message.




  • Hello Karl,

    Sorry for the confusion, it will not show in the cart at the time of order. The camera will not be billed until it is shipped and the fulfillment team has ensured me that the customer loyalty discount will be applied at that time. If you have further questions on this issue feel free to reach out to me at support@matterport.com




  • I am beyond confused about this.  I ordered my camera for the sole reason that I thought discount was a good deal, but then was told I do not get it???

    Can someone please explain this?  I don't think Matterport understands how let down and disappointed I am by this.  Do not say there is a discount if you have to jump through weird hoops to get it.  

    I am also not really sure what is that different from my existing camera, so far they seem exactly the same.

  • Hello Mike,

    I apologize for the confusion. The "customerloyaltydiscount" code was specifically created for customers who previously purchased a Pro camera from Matterport.  I believe the thought was that since the majority of folks reading the newsletters fall into this category, our marketing team felt it was worthwhile to post a reminder that the code would soon be expiring. 

    The primary difference between the two cameras is the 2d sensor, with the Pro 2 being a much higher resolution. A chart detailing the differences can be seen on our site at:




  • @Matterport-Bob,

    Hi Bob

    I crashed and burned attempting to purchase one. I was already on the plane and in the air when you posted you last thread about the discount basically would not show but would be taken off if ordered online and completed the transaction that day, unfortunately even if I had seen it I did not have access to a computer, but I did phone the sales number 888 993 8990 and left a message explaining the situation the best I could and that I wanted to purchase a Pro2. That was Monday so far nobody as returned my call. So it looks like I will not be purchasing one.



  • Hi Karl,

    I'm sorry that our team wasn't able to get back to you in time on Friday. After talking to them it sounds like they were able to connect with you and can honor the discount given that you had started your order before the discount was over. Hope that helps!

    Let us know if you have any further issues. 


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