1st Scan

I have a request to perform my first Real Estate scan. It's very large, very expensive house. I have some questions from the Agent: 

1. Do I need additional photos for the exterior? 

2. How do I upload to the MLS?

3. Point me to an MLS file that has Matterport as it's main information and no additional "standard" photos. 

I don't know the answers to her questions. Can anyone help? 




  • Hi @Eric Warner  If you take Exterior 360 Views then you could pull exterior stills from that, but if you have the original camera the resolution is ok for web use, but not printed materials.

    All my agents handle their own posting to MLS and it's pretty simple for them to plug in the URL.


    #3?  I have no idea.

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  • So should I take exteriors with my other camera and provide those separately? I don't have the new camera yet. I just purchased mine a couple of months ago :(

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  • @eric warner

    Were you hired to provide Matterport and pictures or just Matterport?

    If just Matterport, then don't worry about outdoors.

    Just as William Robinson said, the agent will handle that, you just give them the two links. One branded and unbranded. They will put it in where it says virtual tour. I think they ask for both.

    As for #3, you want me to give you an address to Google to see how it shows up? Clarify and I will be glad to help.

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