Drone 3D mapping software integration with Matterport spaces

Hi Matterport Community,

I don't know whether this question has already been asked but here goes:

I also operate drones for aerial photography and 3D mapping using Drone Deploy.

This gives me a an exterior 3D model which I can manipulate along 3 axes such as shown in the real estate video example below:


I'm interested to know if Matterport has any plans to allow integration of their 3D models with models produced in apps such as Drone Deploy or Pix4D? Done well it would certainly allow for some spectacular results.





  • Excellent question Jason.

  • Following this one. I would like to know as well.


  • And me I also interested as I use drones as well.



  • I think I'm right in saying that both applications generate point-cloud data so technically, the ability to marry up the two data sets to produce an 'outer skin' upon the Matterport dolls house which the user could peel away, would seem fairly straightforward.

  • I am another MSP user who does drone (UAV) work. I think the problem with merging point clouds would be having both sets of data in a common reference frame or coordinate system. UAV models/point clouds will be in WGS84, or a local coordinate system (Eg UTM), whereas MP is not, it's only in local, arbitrary location in space.

    You would need to have a set of common points with know coordinates in the UAV system model that are identifiable in the MP model/point cloud to be able to stitch the two models together.

    I'd be very interested to know if anyone has tried this, or other methods of combining models.



  • I have since done a little more research and it seems relatively straightforward in theory. The drone app Pix4D also produces a 3D mesh like Matterport which you can download as an .obj file. You then need to download the Matterport .obj file and using a 3D application like AutoDesk, clean up the two .obj files and merge them together as layers. The .obj files should also contain the jpeg files to create your end image.

    Here's a link to some notes from Pix4D:


  • Nice topic. Look forward to test some workflows.

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