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Hello everybody!

I've got somewhat of a silly feature request. But I figured I might as well throw it out here, see what other in the AEC community think about it.

Those of you that are active on the We-Get-Around forum may have seen some of my work, and know that I use the Matterport camera mainly for it's pointcloud data.

For me, having access to the virtual tour is just an added bonus. While creating CAD files from a Matterport pointcloud, I usually have the tour open on a separate monitor just to have a quick look at some specific details of a project. Being able to quickly jump to specific 360 images using the dollhouse view is amazing while modelling. That's why I didn't care much for the clean UI update where every thing disappeared while moving. But I digress..

In December a Firmware update rolled out for the camera, which (after reading up about it) I intentionally avoided. The reason for that was that this update supposedly improved the image quality (especially where LED lights where involved), but at the cost of scanning speed. Since I am using it for AEC purposes, I personally couldn't care less about the image quality. Scanning speed however is much more important to me, hence the decision to stay away from the firmware update.

After pressing the dismiss button for the update numerous times, in a rush I accidentally pressed the update button though. Since updating, I've scanned a couple of projects without any issues. The image quality did indeed improve, but with that so did the scan time at some points, but nothing too bad though. Until this morning that is.. when I scanned a library filled with bright LED lights. I spend so much time staring at the "processing image" message that it really slowed me down.

So my question is can a switch back to older firmware versions? Or even better, can we have a AEC scanning mode in a future update? With the old fast scanning method, that didn't take such a long time processing the images, which is lost time for us AEC people in my opinion.

I'd love to hear thoughts about it from all the others in the AEC business that use Matterport.


Sorry for the long post ;)




  • Hey Danny!

    The longer time it takes to go from camera to iPad after the update is a result of fixing some issues we had with LED lights. While it is not possible to go back in the versions or to toggle modes at this point, the Pro2 camera fixes this and actually has a faster camera-to-iPad time!

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  • It might be something that MP could program in a 'LED Yes/No' switch. 

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