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The new teaser videos are cool and all but....all the ones produced for us so far have been useless. They all pan from an ok position and then finish on a wall, fridge would be nice if we could alter these someway so they finish on a highlight (room, listing feature etc)  in lieu of a wall.



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    Hi all!

    You hopefully saw the email earlier today, but as part of our efforts to improve the Teaser Videos, we're asking users to email either GOOD or BAD examples to  Details:

    1. Attach your example MP4 or GIF to an email.
    2. Put "GOOD" or "BAD" in the Subject Line.
    3. Include a few words about what you like or don't like.
    4. Email the teaser video to

    ...Besides that, we're investigating other improvements (including items mention this thread).  Keep them coming!

    Thank you,


  • Hi there Hawkeye,

    Good feedback!  Are you saying that they tend to end facing something too close to the camera/viewer, and it would be better if it ended with a longer view?  We'd love all the detail you can provide!

  • Scott, what my colleague says, and it is the same from my side and I believe from all the other MSPs is that the video taser is useless if we cannot select the final scene so we can focus on a highlight.
    I hope you can do something about it.  So far, I have not been able to use the feature because it points to a place that is not the best area I wanted to show.
    Best regards.

  • I love the teaser Video and .gif file. It seems that it starts at the centre of the model, pans a bit then move to dollhouse view and back into the model and ends at a random shot that most of the time is a view of a wall, or area that is not so "wow".

    If we could have a way to edit the start and end shot and have the video recompiled in workshop, it would be awesome.


    Thanks to all for creating this Teaser Video feature and I believe it can be made even better, :-) 

  • It seems like it would be relatively easy to have the computer generated 'starting point' for those that don't want to customize, however, for those of us that would want to / or would be capable of customizing, surely there would be a quick way to have a portal set the start view and end view of the video clips just like you can set the start view of the matterport tour itself.  

  • This is great feedback, thank you!  We're planning to survey customers in the near future, to get more feedback and insight into what we can improve.  I'm wondering if there may be two things we should look at -- tell me what you think:

    1.) See if we can improve the quality of the automated versions.


    2.) Knowing that some people will always prefer more control, look at ways to allow those users some control.

    ...Does that seem like the right direction?

  • I mentioned the following elsewhere but think its relevant here.

    The concepts are great however I think the technology for auto generating the videos and GIFs needs work. On my most recent space, a 3 story luxury home, the video just hops around the model going back into the Kitchen twice which suggests to me that the algorithm needs refining to look further into the model to get some variation.

    Maybe allowing us to pick rooms and targets within reason (say 3 rooms) might be a nice addition here.

    IMO I think the resolution of the GIF is useless in this day and age. 320 x 240 reminds me of the '90s and indeed is the resolution of the screens of the VR systems I first bought in 1992!! I appreciate the intend is to create lightweight distributed content for email and promotion but the resultant file is NOT a good advert for the high quality tour we can produce. 

    I for one will not be using these in any form until we can perhaps specify the size or have at least 640 x 480.

  • Scott, 

    I would say that would be a great direction for sure!  

    I don't disagree with the sentiment that the resolutions need to be higher as well, but I also understand the issue with the large file size that would result.

    Of all things though, I really, really would love to have some best practices guidance when that might be available for exactly how to share these videos online for the best impact.  

  • Scott,

    I agree on your number 2) option:   "look at ways to allow those users some control."

    Basically the option of choosing the starting and closing image of the video teaser.

    Best regards.

  • I just came online to comment on this and seem to be in the same boat with many.

    Love the teasers - but it's sometimes hit or miss.  It would be VERY useful for Matterport to add a 'LIKE' or 'DISLIKE' button on the teaser preview window.  This would provide useful feedback for whether we feel that Matterport nailed it or not - and it would allow the team to evaluate the results.

    Adding an option to 'pick' the start and end pans would be amazing.

  • I think that the teaser will be great if it shows:  The Hero Image, then goes to the start position, move to the dollhouse view and back to the guided tour start.  I think that is a way to make it interesting and shareable for social media and real estate agent's marketing.

  • Only had 1 space which was 'compliant' and that worked so well that I was wondering if it was pot luck or you had actually edited it yourselves as it panned to the sign within the hair salon perfectly:) I echo the comments here about the quality. When writing emails directing people to my site or Vimeo channel I'm having to apologise to people before I show it and explain it's just a teaser video, I have no control of the shots, I have no control of the quality blah blah blah, we shouldn't really be having to do that. (Especially if this becomes a paying feature) but as it is free at the moment I do appreciate it's better than nothing.

  • I actually don't think it is better than nothing as in my view they're not fit for purpose at the moment. We shouldn't have to explain that they're a lower quality than the end product and what if they get distributed to someone who doesn't know they are not a fair representation of the final quality?

    I won't be using any of the the videos until they are less random and the as for the GIF quality (or lack of), forget it.

    I'd be happy to share a 360° on Facebook but nothing else.

  • @davidhothersall - Here's the one I've put up on Vimeo. I've also used it on my website and resized the iframe so it is just a small teaser video and looks alright. But yes it is poor if people go fullscreen and like you said - if they then get the idea that it's the same quality as the showcase so that could have a really negative effect. I think the real reason I was happy is I don't have anything else to show so this was at least something just to shout about (an excuse to get in touch with old contacts etc) if it is resized it isn't too bad.

    (It was an extremely bright early morning and couldn't avoid the sun, shadows or the busy traffic outside as I had to be in and out within the hour but I quite like the highlights)

    Please sort this out though Matterport as I don't like having no control as it makes us look unprofessional.


  • These are all great comments that will help us we we build out functionality to support our automation/deep learning system. If you have more ideas, please please let us know them here so that we can build something that is most usable.  Thank you!  

    Matterport Linda

  • Anything recent regarding this thread? I am a new MSP and most of these are also useless to me without having some control. Thanks 

  • Anything recent regarding this thread? I am a new MSP and most of these are also useless to me without having some control. Thanks 

  • Thanks for the check-in, Rod -- and yes, we're doing some looking in how we might deliver such functionality.  It's going to be a bit of time, but we're getting the requests loud and clear. :-)

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