I've noticed the last few scans I've done don't seem to have any of the fraying I've been experiencing. Thank you for fixing this! It makes my clients a lot happier :) I appreciate the behind the scenes guys doing the coding. Thank you!



  • Thanks for the feedback, Jennai! The team has been working hard to make Scenes even better.
    Can you tell us anything about how you're using Scenes?

  • I'm assuming scenes and scans are the same thing? I use Matterport for real estate agents' listings. I'd like to expand into doing local businesses as well but haven't done that yet :)

  • Hmmm...are you sure you're using Matterport Scenes? Or are you using the Pro 3D camera?
    Scenes is our 3D scanning app for Tango-enabled Android phones.

  • No, not using scenes, just the camera- sorry

  • OK, no prob.

    Let us know if you try Matterport Scenes!

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