Updating the Capture App to Avoid Issues

We are investigating an issue that has affected a few users when upgrading to the latest Capture release. In rare circumstances, older jobs may have markings (trim/window/mirror) misplaced, or scans from different jobs appear mixed together.

We have identified the root cause and are submitting a new version (2.3.2) to Apple for approval this afternoon. We will release this as soon as it has been approved.

If you have not yet updated, we recommend holding off for a few days and update to version 2.3.2.  

If you choose to try version 2.3.1, then do so by making sure Capture is closed before updating. If the Capture app is closed before updating then the issue will not occur.

To update with the Capture app closed:

- close Capture (double-tap the iPad home button and swipe Capture up to ensure it is not running in the background)

- update via the App Store

- launch Capture


If you have already upgraded to version 2.3.1 and notice symptoms of this issue in older jobs:

- we are working on a version (2.3.3) that will detect and heal the symptoms.

- if the symptom is minor - a misplaced edit marking - you can manually fix it and proceed.

- if there are several misplaced markings and/or scans from other jobs appear mixed, do not edit the job any further. Doing so will make it harder or impossible to revert with an upcoming Capture update.

- do not upload or copy a job with significant symptoms - doing so also writes these changes into the job manifest.

This issue will not affect new jobs created after upgrading. The problem is tied to a specific sequence of events that can occur during the upgrade process when Capture is open in the background. 

We thank you for your patience during this upgrade.


Thank you,

The Matterport Team



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  • Update: we have received expedited review through the App store and are releasing version 2.3.2 at 2:15pm PDT (it may take a while to propagate globally).

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