New features CURRENTLY available for free TRIAL?!

I'm VERY concerned with the language regarding the new features. It states that the 360 snapshots are CURRENTLY available as a free trial to all Matterport subscribers. We are already paying from $49.95 to $149.95 a month PLUS $19 per scan and they are going to upsell this?! This is ridiculous! This company seems to be VERY greedy. I am EXTREMELY disappointed thus far.



  • @Jennai I find the manner with which Matterport implemented 360 Snapshots quite interesting.  I had imagined that they would simply have an option to download all panos that would send an e-mail link.  Under that scenario, a nominal fee would make sense f or processing.

    As it has been implemented, it seems like a core feature, not a peripheral one.  Perhaps downloading 360 Snapshots will remain free, but downloading full resolution Pro2 panoramas may come with a fee?

  • Way to go guys!!! An excellent bundle of new features!

  • I feel like they are just charging more and more and more. With all the billing issues I've experienced, this doesn't make me any happier. This feels like just another greedy company with their hand in my pocket. I've been double billed, billed incorrectly without an account change that was requested 3 billing cycles ago, promised it would be fixed, and it hasn't etc. I'm regretting supporting a company that doesn't support me.

  • @Jennai - In all fairness, Matterport have not changed any of their pricing plans or begun charging for any new features beyond the launch of the Pro2.  While this is all subject to change - I'm hoping that Matterport's "free trial" label on these 360 Snapshots is them reserving the right to charge -- much like they have for CoreVR without ever charging.

    An example of Matterport launching a new service that provides them a new revenue stream while providing us excellent value and additional revenue streams to our clients is with the forthcoming Google Street View publishing platform.  I think that's a win-win for everyone and I'm hoping to see more of these ideas.

    I don't personally want to pay for pano extraction :)

  • I agree with @Chris Hickman. These need to be viewed as opportunities for up-selling, if the client doesn't want to pay for these items they don't get them, simple as that.

    While they are free we can generate as many as we wish for promotional purposes but if they ever do charge us for using these then its an extra charge add-on.

    Matterport is a business and so are we as MSPs so these add-ons should be looked at as opportunities for extra revenue, if the client won't pay then they don't get them.

  • I disagree as this is a prime way to get sticklers for the old way of doing things to segue into 3D. A lot of my clients aren't ready to make the change yet so I'm currently packing two separate rigs around every day. If I can use the matterport for them as well it's a great way to show them the increase in speed of production, as well as what can be done. The problem here is I'm paying $19 per tours, plus the $150 a month, plus the $15 a month to host these 360 pics elsewhere and then an additional amount for the 360 downloads? That actually makes it MORE expensive for a lower end product and eliminates the ability for me to use it as a tool to get people over to the 3D side. 

    Using the pics for facebook is great, but this is a better tool to help get people over to the new tech.

  • My 2c is that if Matterport are going to charge, we're going to want higher resolution panos.

    As a sidenote - many companies exist that stitch panoramas for a fee:


    Jennai - I'm not trying to pick apart your great argument, but consider that the $150 month does come with 11 credits for tour processing, and the $15/mo that you are paying for web hosting will need to be paid regardless of whether or not Matterport charge for the downloads in the future -- and you will need to pay regardless of the source of the 360 images that you post.  I'm assuming that this is the hosting account for your website.

  • @Jannai Patterson. Look at it a different way, at the moment they don't cost you anything so its a great opportunity to tell your customers that this is a free service you're trialing at the moment and get them hooked that way. If it becomes paid for then you need to charge them, surely they understand you have to be profitable? 

    If they're purely price driven then maybe you should be looking elsewhere for your customers?

    External hosting you should be charging to your customers and as @Chris Hickman says there are lots of other services out there charging as much if not more for tours, stitching etc.

    Aren't the higher resolution panos a given with the Pro2?

  • @David Hothersall - All 360 Snapshots are 4096 x 2048.  

    I'm a bit concerned about this as it's a reasonable size for the Pro1 (max 8192x4096 - but the detail/dpi of the images doesn't take full advantage of this) -- but for the Pro2, it sends a bit of a mixed message as the camera is advertised as shooting 132MP panos.

    Here's a Pro2 360 Snapshot: 

    Note, the image is not at 100% quality and is 4096 x 2048.  This is absolutely a PERFECT balance of size and quality for posting to Facebook, but not a good representation of the Pro2's quality.

  • I'm using the original camera that I purchased only a couple of months ago after being told that they weren't coming out with a new one. I'm not going to trade in, spend another 2k and get a refurbished camera. Just another way they are cutting corners and over charging.


    As far as upcharging my customers for every little thing? I try to avoid that as much as I can. I charge $250 for a 3d tour and $130 for 360s. Currently the 3d costs the $150, +$19. The 360s will cost $150 + $19, +$15 (tourbuzz hosting so I don't have to have a 3d model in there) plus the cost of each of the 360 photos. As you can see, it kills profit so I won't be able to offer this to my people. The 360s I do now cost me a grand total of $15.00 and there is no limit to how many I can have. 

    I was hoping to use these in conjunction with WP3D to show how cool the 3D tech is, and hopefully get them to swap over. Unfortunately, I would have to charge more for that than I do the 3D which makes zero sense so I will just have to continue offering the 360s as I do now.

  • @Chris- Tourbuzz is who I've been using for tour hosting. I've been a vt providor and web developer for 23+ years. I'm quite capable of stitching my own panos and have been for greater than 20 years. The entire point was to get people to swap over. I work with a LOT of realtors who are used to the old way. It's like pulling teeth to get them to make a change, ESPECIALLY when it involves more money. Having to pay for the images, I've really already paid for, is a slap in the face. 

  • @Jennai - TourBuzz looks great!  I'm sorry I assumed that your tour hosting was combined with your web hosting for your site.

  • Unfortunately not. So you can see where the expenses add up. 

  • @Jennai Patterson.

    I'm not suggesting you should charge for everything but new features like the 360° panos and the teaser vids can be a few dollars more and certainly if they eventually result in extra costs to you you should at least pass that cost on even if you don't believe you can add a percentage.

    Your 3D costs should be amortized over all the scans you have hosted so it's not $150 for each scan as you suggest but as an example if you have 15 hosted at any one time its $10 each scan....

    Out of interest have you actually costed how much a scan costs you in time, travel expenses and other costs like insurance? I imagine you'll be surprised at how those incidentals add up.

    My personal view is the amount that realtors will swallow is way too low, which is why I've spread my attention to other markets like leisure and B2B. In most cases this may not be repeat business (not always the case) but its certainly possible to earn in most cases 4x what you're getting from realtors in a single hit.


  • I'm in a VERY small market here. There is no possibility of doing that and still being able to eat. lol - I'm not new to this game. I've been doing it, successfully for 23+ years. I would venture to say I know what the market will hold here, and what it won't. 

    I'm very aware of my expenses. That is why this is such an issue. All of this adds up very quickly. 

  • And your math per scan only holds if you do 11 or fewer scans. As soon as you pass that threshold, you are at $19. I have more than 50 in my account and I just started using this platform.

  • Yes aware the maths changes I was just using that as an example :)

    I wasn't suggesting you didn't know your numbers, I appreciate my post probably came across like that, but I've met so many people who think everything they take less the obvious costs is profit and ignore the ancillary costs.You're obviously not one of those, I meant no offence. :)

    23 years in the 360° world is an eternity or are you referring to Real Estate? I've been in the VR and simulation world since 1991 so coming from a different perspective I guess and used to having more outdated and useless expensive tech in the garage than I care to remember....

  • No offense taken :) 23 years in 360 shooting for realtors. Surprisingly, I haven't ended up in the huthatch yet! lol

    I specialize in marketing for Realtors, though we do offer services to everyone. I'm located in the foothills and our entire city population is about 15-20k. We have about 4 b&bs and maybe 10 hotels. We don't have many restaurants or entertainment venues here so it makes it tough. It's also a retirement community so most of the people here are still expecting me to show up with a polaroid. lol

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