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Generate more business with Teaser Videos and 360° Snapshots

You asked for them and they are finally here: videos AND panoramic images from your Matterport Spaces! Drive more traffic to your business with fresh content that you can share across the most popular online hubs in the world: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more. 


Teaser Videos and GIFs


As of today, every Matterport Space created after May 7, 2017 will come with its own 10-15 second teaser movie featuring views of both the Space’s interior and the Dollhouse! These are generated by leveraging deep learning technology, and as a result of new innovations developed by our Computer Vision Team. To read more about the magic behind teaser videos, visit our blog.

Here are a few examples of how you can use these:

  • Include the GIF version in emails, like we’ve done above
  • Post the videos or GIFs to social media, with a link to the Space, to drive more engagement
  • Include the 854x480 (480p) version on your web sites, MLS, or ILS

Note: These are also available for Spaces created after early May 2017.


360° Snapshots


Ever wanted to post panoramic images to Facebook and Google from your Matterport Spaces? Now you can! With 360° Snapshots, you can export any scan location as a downloadable panoramic image to post to your favorite online hubs! Use these to drive additional traffic back to your Matterport Space, a property landing page, or your website.

Note: 360° Snapshots are currently only available to download one at a time.


Floor Space (GIA) and more in Schematic Floor Plans


Another big feature that has been high on the request list is total floor space in floor plans. As of next Monday, we will make a few updates to our integrated Schematic Floor Plan service to include Gross Internal Area (GIA) and some other items. Read about the specific updates below:

  • Gross Internal Area (GIA) calculation is now included on the PDF
  • Added markers to indicate the points at which each measurement has been taken
  • Areas with ceiling height less than 1.5m are indicated on floor plans

General Product Updates

Snapshots Cont’d

Last week, we notified you of your ability to download all Snapshots at once from Workshop. What we forgot to mention was that we also added the ability to choose a “maximum pixels” resolution when bulk downloading your Snapshots. This will make it much faster and easier to download your Snapshots at your preferred resolutions from both Cloud and Workshop.

Capture App Update

This week, we will be releasing Capture 2.3.1, which includes some very important performance improvements. If you ordered a Pro2 camera, you will need to upgrade to this version before you are able to capture a Space with your new camera. If you try to use a previous version of Capture with your new Pro2 camera, you may experience issues.

What's New - Capture 2.3.1:

  • Supports the new Pro2 3D Camera  
  • Improved performance when creating previews of 3D scans or 360 Views
  • Enables iOS location services* 

    *This assists in determining the location, orientation and address of a Space for publishing flows with Google Street View and partner content sharing/syndication. It also lays the foundation for future improvements in data alignment. You must opt-in when prompted, and location data is saved *only* when the Capture application is in use.


Gear VR App

On May 30th, Matterport published an updated Gear VR app in order to boost performance, fix bugs, and improve analytics. If you use the Gear VR app as part of your business, we recommend upgrading to the most up-to-date app today.

If you have any questions, please contact support@matterport.com.


Multimedia Mattertag™ Post Contest Winners Announced!

The polls have closed and the winners have been selected! One winner was chosen for each of the following three categories: Star Storyteller, Most Creative, and Best Business Application. Check out the winning Spaces submitted to our Multimedia Mattertag™ Post Contest below. Click the images to visit our blog to read more about the winners - and to see the honorable mentions!

Star Storyteller

Winner: Tony Hendrix, HouseLens | 2017 Nashville St. Jude Dream Home® Giveaway


Most Creative

Winner: Emily Olman, Hopscotch Interactive | The Krewe of KOLOSSOS "Bike Zoo"


Best Business Application

Winner: Peter Bertou, immovendi | Official Mazda Dealer Maceda in the Netherlands


Thank you for actively participating!


Join the discussion, ask questions, and submit product ideas on the Matterport Community. Just log in with your Matterport Cloud credentials to get started. Visit our Help Center for detailed Matterport how-to guides, videos, and other FAQs.  



  • @Scott A
    Great stuff and all adding to the range of features we can add and charge for.

    I think MSPs who are complaining about these potentially being a 'charged for' service by Matterport need to realise these features are an opportunity for us to make more money. That said as pointed out elsewhere Core VR is still free so its likely that these services will remain free for a while.

    MSPs need to monetise these extra offerings and not just keep fueling the 'race to the bottom' by adding more services while being squeezed on price and agreeing to it.

    Some of the prices I see being discussed and advertised are frankly ridiculously low and if the people agreeing to these fees actually analyzed what its costs them in both processing, time travel etc they should realise they're actually losing money or working their butt off for peanuts. Personally I don't want or need customers who won't pay what the service as a bleeding edge tech is worth and rather than ruin the market will walk away until they realise they need this service. Discounting quality technology like this so early in its cycle does us and the market no favours in the medium to long term

    Back to the tech itself.

    The concepts are great however I think the technology for auto generating the videos and GIFs needs work. On my most recent space, a 3 story luxury home, the video just hops around the model going back into the Kitchen twice which suggests to me that the algorithm needs refining to look further into the model to get some variation. Maybe allowing us to pick rooms and targets within reason (say 3 rooms) might be a nice addition here.

    IMO I think the resolution of the GIF is useless in this day and age. 320 x 240 reminds me of the '90s and indeed is the resolution of the screens of the VR systems I first bought in 1992!! I appreciate the intend is to create lightweight distributed content for email and promotion but the resultant file is NOT a good advert for the high quality tour we can produce. 

    I for one will not be using these in any form until we can perhaps specify the size or have at least 640 x 480.

    Downloadable 360° images, brilliant. Great quality and easy to capture. Looking forward to seeing those taken with the Pro2. Another great opportunity to add extra revenue opportunities and perhaps build external tours where security is a concern and/or the need for a locally hosted VR tour is a requirement.

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  • Hi there David,

    Good notes, all around!  This is a first step -- we're hoping to get feedback about what's valuable and what could be more valuable.

    GIFs are absolutely an older format, though the flip side is, they're one of more common ways to add video in media types that don't like embedded video (email being a prime example).  For most applications, we expected the 480p (845x480) MP4s to be a better match -- higher quality, smaller file size.  Are those more useful for you?

    We'll be sending a survey out in a few weeks to get more specific feedback, but this exactly the type of detail that helps us improve -- so thanks!




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  • Some feedback regarding the new additions:

    First off, thank you for the efforts, there's potential here. GIF might be old tech, but the fact that I can now include these little animations in emails is big for email marketing campaigns. The Mp4 trailer is cool too.

    I'll be honest though, neither of these features are something I'd pay extra for it you do decide to charge in the future seeing as I can easily generate the same results myself with an extra five minutes time using Snagit.

    Now the 360 snapshot, there's the potential. I will say, however that at 4096x2048, I wouldn't pay. Remember, an equirectangular projection portrayed in it's 2x1 "unwrapped" form isn't what the end user will see through a 360 player. They will see the cropped, zoomed in projection as a 2D image, but it'll appear to have much lower resolution. Effectively, something more like 480x360. This looks fine on a cellphone screen, but even tablet and especially on a desktop computer, it's quite fuzzy. 4096x2048 sounds great from a PR/marketing point of view, but any of us who deal with 360/VR know that it doesn't work the same way as standard photo/video. 8192x4096 is the preferred resolution for 360 images since they load reasonably quick, and offer good resolution across various screen sizes. I like to host equirectangular images at 16,384x8192 because you can zoom in and still get good resolution.

    Anyway, my point is that while you're definitely moving in the right direction, I wouldn't sell my clients these 4096x2048 snaps. I'd give them as a freebee and say to feature them on Facebook for a fun mobile experience to your clients and costumers. At 8192x4096 however, I would pay a small fee for x number of 360 snapshots extracted from a Matterport 3D tour.

    My suggestion, and what I would do in your shoes is leave the 4096x2048 as a free option for us, and offer a 8192x4096 as a payed option.


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  • Thanks for the great feedback, Boris -- and glad to hear you're finding value in both features!  Your notes about resolution make a lot of sense; I'll circulate them with the folks here.  Cheers!

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  • @Scott A Thanks for the quick response. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining by the way, because I've been very happy with the recent efforts and releases/announcements that you guys have been giving us! 

    I just wanted to give you some honest feedback. 



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  • @Boris Maganic @Scott A 

    I wholeheartedly agree with the points made by Boris about resolution of the 360 images, that was the point I made about wanting to see the images generated by the Pro2 but Boris has been more specific.

    As he points out a lack of understand of how the images are projected is where a lot of people have been disappointed with the resolution of the recent rash of consumer 360° cameras. Where cameras have been described as HD people have failed to grasp the principle that while HD, in many cases as low as 1080p, or even 4K as mentioned above is fine in the traditional sense of a flat single frame once you spread those pixels over the 360° sphere they become elongated and stretched and can result in a soft indistinct smear.

    Resolution is king here and more is definitely better and that is my issue with the GIFs.

    My issue with the GIFs isn't that they're an old tech its that imo they are not fit for purpose, I'd rather show a higher resolution still than the grainy animation I received.

    I assume everyone here, has a similar experience to me in being constantly questioned about resolution of the imagery and no matter how good it gets people are never satisfied. In most cases its the usual negative introduced to transfer the decision not to purchase back onto the tech rather than their lack of vision or budget.

    So showing grainy GIFS isn't something I want to introduce and then have to explain that they're not representative of the final product, the analogy I'd use there is its like a Turkey voting for Thanksgiving :)


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  • @David Hothersall I do agree with the GIF quality, it's low. Is there an alternative solution to GIFs that can achieve a short clip at reasonable quality, even something like 480x360, while having similar properties as a GIF where you can easily include them in email tags, text messages etc? 

    Great point about consumer 360 cameras. It's frustrating that 4K is being marketed as such an amazing result from a consumer 360 camera because as we know, the final projection is a zoomed in, cropped part of that entire 4k scene. NOT 4k at all. Even with my GoPro Omni which can achieve up to 8k results, that's still a PR thing. Sure the resolution is good, but the tiny sensors in the GoPro lenses just can't capture enough light and dynamic range to produce a cinematic quality result. It does produce a good result, much better than any other 360 rigs in the price range, but it's definitely nowhere NEAR like watching a standard video in 4k. 

    What I do like about Matterport's marketing is that they took into consideration this fact when marketing the Pro2 Camera. "2D" Snapshots can be up to 4k quality, and the full equirectangular image is 134 Megapixels. That means that the equirectangular image is 16,371 x 8185 px! That number sounds familiar...

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