Selective Sharing AND Ability to TURN OFF public access

Selective Sharing including ability to disable public access.

I have recently experienced a situation where the space ID was hacked from a clients web page and has been shared by one of their members without payment.  The business model of MSPs often has limited time access.  How may I turn it off withoutr deleting the model?

Turning off public sharing has no effect - the model can continue to be viewed if someone has the model url ID. 

There are situations where selective sharing is necessary by means of allowing only certain web site urls to display the model (white list) AND this includes sharing on Social Media which granted is more difficult but a white list entry could be made with a full social media url e.g. i.e. even if shared via social media it may only be seen by white listed social media accounts. Granted private profiles in the likes of Facebook do not have published account number / IDs (to my knowledge) but in the main we believe it is the prime 'poster' would be a business. 

Please can we get feedback and have this discussed.






  • Great question.  If someone is using your space link without your authorization, then you can only disable it in sharing to make the space private.  You can email and request a copy of the same space providing the original name and URL space and we'll place the copy in your Portal account as long as you own it.  The copy will create a new URL and SID ID.  It's impossible for us to mask over the URL, but you can by using a free URL shortener online. That said, any URL can be shortened with free services like or  Or you can find a paid service as well.

  • I have heard that the spaces remain online on regardless of their privacy status in  Any comment on this?  Does't really make sense to me.

  • Hey Chris,

    Nope :)  I don't think that's right., like everyone else, is just linking to the Space that actually lives in your MP cloud account.  If you turn sharing off, a visitor to will get the Oops message instead of seeing the Space.

    What may have happened, and this has confused me countless times, is to test whether the Space is private or not, the owner will turn off sharing, go to and see that it still works. But, it only works for the owner since they have access rights to the Space.  If they would open using an incognito window, it wouldn't work.

    I'm guessing that's what caused the confusion. 

    Take care,


  • Hi @Amir

    I believe there is some mixed messages as to whether if you can stop access to a model by turning off  'Enable Sharing'. To clarify I have previously turned off 'enable sharing' and over 48 hours later the model was still accessible via a website.  Please clarify. 

    My understanding from your prior reply is that once the model url-ID has been provided it is permanently out there until deleted.


    many thanks



  • I would like to know if by a web services we can for instance Make public then private a certain MODEL .

    Through the API we should be able to do it .


  • Hello,

    That's not currently a web service we have available publicly but it's a great suggestion!



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