We need the ability to add a Matter tag to a 360 view or a "back button"

Deep links are great and it is possible to add one within a matter tag that will jump the user to a 360 view.

HOWEVER if you follow the deep link to the 360 view you are now stuck at that 360 view and you cannot go back to your previous position (you will have to reload the web page).

That said, it would be great if there was a "Back Button" or some other option overlayed on the screen that would allow the user to easily return to the previous 3D scan position.

Alternatively, the system could create a "synthetic" 3D mesh beneath the camera at the 360 view location (this would only work with the new Pro2 cameras that have GPS).

Once the 3D mesh is there then it is possible to attach a matter tag (or tags) to that 360 view scan position.

You could then embed more deep links within those tags to jump the user back to the 3D scans or other 360 views.

The ability to connect 360 views to the models without using the Highlight reel would be a great improvement in my opinion.

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  • I've suggested this too.  It's too confusing to send someone to a 360 View.

    I was recently given an amazing tip by Paul at Matterport -- you can now download 360 Snapshots and upload them to momento360.com - then embed them using a Multimedia Mattertag.  The result is perfect.

    Here is an example.

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