Automate Space Stats

I need to be able to automate my space stats to email to my clients weekly. I have a number of clients who won't leave the old tour system because they love the fact that their stats are emailed to them and their clients each week. This is standard on every virtual tour platform I've ever used (22 years in this business). PLEASE add this feature! I know a great deal of MSPs want this feature as well.



  • I totally agree!

  • Yes


  • Cool idea!  A couple questions, feel free to add as much detail as you can...

    - For the people you'd like to email statistics to, how often are they Matterport users?

    - If they aren't MP users, would you be the person entering in their email addresses?

    - Would the list of email addresses vary by model?  Would you need a way to remove addresses for a model?

  • @Scott A

    The stats would be emailed to the Realtor and to the home seller. The realtors would be using Matterport on all their listings, but each listing would have a separate email or emails to the respective seller. 

    I would enter the email addresses and we would need to be able to add and remove them. Sometimes Realtors lose listings to other Realtors, but allow them the use of their marketing materials so I would need to be able to change, add and remove email addresses on the fly.

    For stats, I would need total views, unique views and referring web sites if possible. This is pretty standard. They also could include the Hero image at the top, and should include the Realtor's information somewhere as well, which is already in and could be pulled straight from the model. Our old tour system sends them out once a week and it's fully automated.

    I would LOVE to see this implemented so I can get some more people ported over to the Matterport system.

  • I certainly agree making this automatic would be very helpful.

  • Any updates on this?? It's very important!!!

  • Any word on this request?  It seems like a popular no-brainer.

  • Absolutely!

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