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[Webinar] Everything you need to know about the new Pro2 3D Camera - Presentation and Q&A

Watch our webinar to learn everything you need to know about the new Pro2 Camera. VPs Mark Tepper and Bob Shakib will walk you through the new system.

With the introduction of the Pro2 3D Camera, Matterport is now officially an all-in-one visual marketing solution, empowering our customers to offer their client's print-ready photography, high-resolution 3D tours, 2D Schematic Floor Plans, and immersive virtual reality - all from a single shoot.

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Download Snapshots in Bulk from Workshop

Tired of downloading Snapshots one by one in Workshop? Now you can download ALL of your Snapshots with the click of a button! All you need to do is click the “Download All” button in Workshop in the Snapshots section.


CoreVR Update: Free Until December 31st, 2017

Any new Space captured before December 31, 2017 will continue to be enabled in CoreVR for FREE and will continue to be available in virtual reality after January 1, 2018 for free. Originally, we had announced plans that we would begin charging for this service at the end of June, but we’ve had such positive feedback on CoreVR that we’ve decided to extend to the end of the year. We’ve elected to do this to ensure all of our new and long term customers could experience the benefits of virtual reality.


Higher Resolution Snapshots for Pro Customers

Previously, for the original Pro 3D Camera, Snapshots could only be downloaded with 1920x1080px without zoom. Thanks to an exciting new development from our software team, today Matterport is releasing new functionality to our platform which will allow you to download Snapshots from the Pro 3D Camera at 2800x1600px, also without zooming!

This is an amazing new bonus that will enable our Pro customers to download higher resolution Snapshots for all of their marketing needs. We are committed to providing continuous updates in the Cloud to support both our Pro and Pro2 customers.


New User FAQs

Are you new to Matterport? Watch our simple how-to video on scanning on our Online Start Guide to learn best practices for capturing a property completely. We've also compiled a list of common issues new camera owners face and how you can overcome them. It's all so you can ramp up faster and create more, higher-quality 3D Spaces :).

If you're already a professional, take a quick look anyway -- we may have addressed an issue you had earlier, or you might learn a new trick to get you that extra marketing impression or that additional "wow" from your target audience. Plus, if you're training others in your organization on Matterport, you can just point them here.






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