Variety of Mattertag Icons

With the addition of media mattertags I really need a way to differentiate between pics, video, text descriptions, links to other spaces with different icons. Here is why.

I just did a property that has a main house and a guest house. Within this tour I did a video tag, a photo tag, a text tab, and a jump to tag. They all the look the same. So if you first click on a text tag you assume all of the others are the same and you are less likely to click them.

MP needs icons for:

  • Audio
  • Image
  • Video
  • File
  • Jump to (another part of the space or another space)

I am sure there are others



  • Hi @Garth Leach   This is a must have.  Consumers are now used to the different icons, what they represent and experience them daily.  In addition those above icons are needed for various industries such as retail, construction, etc.

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  • I'd also love the ability to change the Matter Tag icons to our own company logo or the company logo that we are doing the work for. 

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