Providing Point Cloud Data to Architects

Hi Matterport Community,

Captured Realities is shortly going to be launching a service specifically to provide architects with Point Cloud data of as-built spaces.  I have been working with one particular architect already and it is clear that there is limited knowledge in the architect community of the use of Point Clouds within standard AutoCAD workflows.  This was surprising to me given that AutoCAD has been able to work with Point Cloud data for some time.

While I am happy to offer a ReCap service for my clients - for converting the .xyz files so that they can be attached to AutoCad dwg's -  I hadn't anticipated having to complete any modeling in AutoCAD on their behalf (for generating floor plans, sections or adding geometry) but would be happy to do so as an additional service and cost.  The downside of entering into the AutoCAD domain is that it requires costly software licenses and is somewhat of a distraction for me as it is not a core product or service offered by my business at this time.

My question is, has anyone in the AEC community that is using Matterport for 3D acquisition had any experiences of integrating within AutoCAD workflows?  What has it been like and how much of the workflow have you had to be involved in?  What have been your client's expectations with passing to them raw point cloud data as opposed to ReCap files or even actual drawing files?  I would be very interested in hearing of any learning points.

This YouTube video is representative of standard workflows for Point Cloud data from scanners 


Gordon Ricketts

Partner and Co-founder

Captured Realities




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  • In short: the data is not good enough for a serious workflow.

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