How to cost for a Job

I am new to this and based in the United Kingdom. What I am trying to know is a couple of things. I have no idea how to cost a job, I do not want to under cost making me look cheep and nasty and I do not want to over charge making me expensive and not getting repeat jobs. 


So what I want to know is: How much can you charge to do a residential property, how much to do a commercial property and how much to do a medium to large business.


It would be much appreciated if someone can give some figures to work from






  • It's hard to judge, because big compaies want everything for nothing, as all of us know. But you've just got to market yourself to be better than the rest, and our main competor for commercial work is Google photographers.

    Now the way I work, is set a fee you find you'd be happy with for a 2 days work (time to scan/render/ edit) for commercial work. And for residental real properies charge by sqft. this way it will attract more people by setting low sqft prices, but again dont go overkill/ undercharge for the service. 0.20 - 0.70p sqft will get you on the right track.




  • Cameron


    Many thanks for your kind advice, That has given me a base line on something to work on. is the market big out there for this 360 work. On the Residential and Commercial properties I want to be able to combine it with the use of a Drone for aerial shots



  • Not a problem Paul,

    Its a grey area regarding if the market is big for this camera operation as its very fresh in the UK, but people need to know, and marketing is key to beat all competition. Because otherwise people will be none the wiser to just go with Google.

    And regarding the drone shots, you can always just use the Mattertags, and embed a hyperlink if you have them stored via your webiste/ link on Fb. I dont think you can embed them directly into your slideshow/ walkthrew.




  • Hey Paul,

    I'm sure UK market is much different from US. One starting point is look at what the competition is charging. In Real Estate it most often a listing agent expense so  price is key factor. More often than not you can sell the tech only to find they'll go to someone lesser expensive. Or let someone else sell the tech and agents will come to you if lower cost. And what it your time worth - $30hr - $100hr? Determine reasonable hourly rate and use formula to set pricing.


    Good luck


  • Hi Paul,
    For houses I was going base my price on the property value, I had 0.1% in mind, so a £300,000 property would be £300. But ive just discovered that another Matterport operator in my area is only charging £150 for any job, personally I think this is too cheap especially for a large property and he is devaluing the business. I recently scanned a large 6 bed house which took 2.5 hours to scan, wouldn't want to do that for £150!

  • Thanks for that James it does seem a bit tricky. You do not want to under cost and devalue jobs but then again you do not want to over price and do yourself out of future work. So far, everyone has said how to cost for real estate  but how would you cost for construction and other industry's 



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