Pro2 - FAQS for MSPs

Pro2: MSP FAQs

Q. Do I have to upgrade from Pro to Pro2?

A.There will be no penalty if you decide to keep using your Pro Camera. All firmware updates and future integrations, like Google Street View, will still be supported on the Pro Camera.

While the Pro2 Camera is not required for eligibility as an MSP, we do encourage you to consider adding Pro2 as a primary or secondary camera to your business. Our latest technology offers the most complete and automated capture solution to help you reduce operational costs, win more business, and create multiple marketing assets for your clients -- optimized for both print and interactive 3D.

Q. Will customers who purchased a Pro camera outside of the 6 month window receive anything?

A. Yes! As a reward for being an existing Matterport customer, you automatically receive $500 off your Pro2 Camera purchase if you order by June 30th.

Q. Why were high-res photos a primary focus for the Pro2 Camera?

A. We have actively listened to our customer base and heard repeatedly that the quality of our photos needed to be improved. As a result, we developed an all-in-one property marketing solution to offer robust, premium visual quality for all clients, with 134MP equirectangular photos and up to 36MP 2D Snapshots. We are here to help make all of our MSPs as successful as possible and provide you with the tools and technology to increase your efficiency and grow your Matterport business.

Q. Is Matterport trying to displace photographers?

A. Our goal is to drive the global adoption Matterport and bring immersive 3D experiences to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. Whether you’re a photographer or entrepreneur, we strongly believe that our new Pro2 Camera will bring tremendous value to your business.

If photography is your specialty, the Pro2 camera is an excellent addition to your business! You can gain new customers and expand market coverage by contracting additional labor to use our all-in-one device. Focus on projects you’re passionate about and serve your high-end clients while still bringing in other business.

Q. Will my lead volume be affected if I do not have a Pro2 Camera?

A No. We will still route every inbound scan request lead to our network of MSPs without taking into account which kind of camera you own.

Q. Can I use the same equipment (tripod, QR clamp, Capture app) as the previous camera?

A. Yes! The new Pro2 camera is compatible with all your existing equipment. Learn more about what equipment we recommend.

However, now is a good time to upgrade to an iPad with more storage space. The new high quality, print-ready 4K photography that the new Pro2 Camera takes will require more storage space on your tablet. You will get the best performance out of an iPad with 2GB or more of RAM, especially when scanning large spaces.

Remember to update your Capture app (or set it to automatically update) to take advantage of all the latest features.

Q. How much does the Pro2 3D Camera cost?

A. The Pro2 Camera is US$3995, and Cloud Plans start at just $49/month. See our pricing.

The Matterport Pro Camera will be still available to purchase at $3395 for an indefinite period of time.  

Q. When can I expect to receive my new camera?

A. You can order the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera today! Shipping is expected to begin in late June 2017.

Q. How do I access high-res 4K photos?

A. Once you receive your Pro2 camera, just scan a space like normal (takes about 45 min for a normal 2000 ft2 house) and upload to Matterport Cloud. Once it’s done processing, go into Workshop and take a few Snapshots. Then you can easily download them from




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