Scanning a venue that charges for entry

I'm looking at approaching several locations that have an admission fee and I'm wondering if anyone else has done this?

¨I'm anticipating a resistance in the form of a suggestion that if people can view the venue/exhibits 'virtually' online then they won't want to actually visit the venue in person.

My thinking is that this isn't likely to be the case and in actual fact will work in reverse and if they see an exhibit is interesting/exciting then it will encourage visitors rather than deter them?

So has anyone scanned such a location and if so how did they overcome any resistance and more to the point is there any evidence to support my theory of encouraging visits rather than deterring them?



  • @David hothersall  I know this is a re-post that Amir mentioned but thought I'd add my previous reply to help the community as it's been lost or deleted. I recently did a project for a local museum building and they were scheptical at first as they thought people who viewed the showcase wouldn't be bothered to visit, they contacted a museum expert and they said that recent studies have shown that virtual tours increase the chance of people visiting. I don't know where they have the information from but since the original post the Museum have now put the showcase on their homepage. I will ask them in a few months if they feel it's had a positive effect. Does anyone else have any info/surveys that can help us in the future? 

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  • I believe our posts fell into a blackhole between the old and new forums, Amir helpfully (as he always is) sent me the text so I could repost.

    It would be interesting to hear any other users experiences.

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