We are thrilled to announce the second camera in our Pro line - the Pro2 3D Camera! We've done a ton of user research to understand what your top priorities are- and heard higher visual quality loud and clear.
We'll be releasing more information soon, but I wanted to let our community hear it first.  Emails will be going out to customers today, to tell you about our trade-in program, webinars, and more.
Stay tuned
Matterport Linda


  • All sounds very exciting, looking forward to hearing about the trade-in program. cheers PdH

  • I think the $200 discount for early adopters is a bit of an insult to be honest.

  • I just purchased the Matterport camera... happily spent 500-600USD on the shipping costs, MyUS.com charges, local taxes, and bank/currency conversion charges just to ship the camera to my country.

    I happily received the camera, went to buy the tripod, quick release clamp, iPad, backpack and etc. Matterport start charging me the yearly cloud subscription.

    I have not even started using the camera. Am taking some time now to read through the site/guides and learn the theory of how to use the camera.

    Out of a sudden, there is an announcement of a new camera? If I agree to the "trade-in" program, I have to spent the additional costs to ship back the camera, and then all the above additional costs again.... Total means I would lose 2000-3000 USD... shipping back a BRAND NEW & unused "older version" camera in exchange for a "newer version" camera?

    This is how Matterport conduct business? Why are you still selling me the old camera when a new version will be released?

    A very unhappy customer now..

  • I agree with David. My November purchase of $4000 just became a door stop.  Can't offer clients a product that is not state of the art when someone else can just because they waited to start offering the product.  If people who bought their camera after Dec. 1 are getting back $3,345 how is our camera different than theirs?  Should have same trade in value.

  • I'll give Matterport some bonus for offering a credit to recent purchasers. No other company does this when they introduce a new product to replace an old one. What I don't like is that anyone that is returning a recent-older camera has to wait until August to start selling the new features. New clients can have the new version shipped to them "Mid-June". We (already invested clients)get the newer technology almost 2 months after "new" clients. This gives newbies an unfair advantage when competing in the same area.

  • @Overandabovephoto,

    Not sure how the $3,345 works. I just purchased the "old" camera last month, have not started using it. They sent me an email offering an estimated trade in value of $2,595 (an immediate loss of approx $900-$1000) for a 1-mth old Brand New and unused camera. Adding on all the additional costs and taxes to ship to my country in South East Asia, I would lose $2000-$3000 if I agree to the "trade in".

    I am reading somewhere that only the new Pro2 camera will work with the future integration with Google Street View? If this is true, Matterport has happily "screwed" all the old customers i.e.early adopters as well as the recent customers like myself.

  • I'm sure the existing models will work with GSV but you'll probably have to add the Geotag data manually rather than it already being embedded.... I certainly hope so anyway. 

  • @Jack @Overandabovephoto

    I'm also wondering about the trade-in value as i bought mine in Mid-Feb and estimated trade in was approx. $2400. Very few scans on the camera as i'm just getting geared up. They do say it's just an estimated trade-in value so I'm sure hopping they will come up with the $3345. I put in for the new camera but will cancel if they don't match the "up to value".

  • I would agree as an existing owner of a camera and wanting another one we should get a little better than a $200 discount.  

  • I've only just had my camera on 27 April, just over a month. And 3 scans of which 2 I've done for free and I've completed 1 paid job for peanuts. Yes this is the news I was expecting but not so soon after purchasing the camera. I think the trade-in idea is good but I would expect a higher trade-in value being as I've only just purchased it.......I suppose to be fair to Matterport they aren't going to please everyone. I'm unhappy because I've just bought it, others are unhappy because they invested earlier and are only eligible for a small gesture discount. Matterport needed to develop the product and this was going to happen sooner or later. I was a bit annoyed and I'd love the new camera but I can't even get any work as it is so I'm going to forget this for a few days and concentrate on getting some business.

  • I purchased a month ago, an would have waited for the new version. With my trade-in value I will be paying an additional $350. Getting a refurbished unit for a an unreleased product is in my opinion poor business practice. How do we know if refurbished camera is not a 'internal' test unit with different components?  How are these units qualified?    

  • I have been a MSP for just over 1 year. Seeing this announcement that people who purchased this platform in December at a cheaper price will be receiving a trade-in is a slap in the face to the MSP's and all others who have been around more than 6 months. This is extremely unprofessional and alienating of the Marketing Department. We all understand you are in business. So are we! That being said it's not wise to forget the ones who paid the high price for early adoption. Those of us who bought your platform  $4500 plus tripods, cases, ipads and pay our monthly fees. Hopefully you can understand our frustration and will rectify this situation. At the very minimum we should be offered a credit of more than $200 towards purchasing the newer version. If you keep dropping prices for newer purchases; allowing others to trade-in their cameras while not giving that same consideration to those who have been loyal to your brand from the beginning; you will LOSE BUSINESS!! This was not a sound business decision and you should make this right for the rest of us.

  • @DavidHothersall  When did you first purchase?

  • Thank you all for your comments.  We are excited for the enthusiasm around the new camera and similarly, do appreciate your input and concerns.  Our intent is to do right by our customers.  Please be patient as we consider the feedback, and we will introduce some updates in the near term. 

    Matterport Linda

  • @matterport Linda
    Thank you for the update, We ordered our camera today with excitement and took advantage of the $200 savings but it would be a nice surprise for those of us who are MSP's and loyal supporters to have a better outcome than the $200 off, especially that our current camera is only 7 months old.

  • How long do scans, transfer of data to iPad, upload and cloud processing take in comparison to current camera? Not finding that info in newsletter, website or your video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZX8RupfQls 

  • @Matterport Linda

    I bought my camera last June. I've been quite low level with it as its only part of my business but I've generated some interesting models which your marketing team have approached me to feature.

    One of which is already in your gallery and another is pending from my recent trip to Africa.

    As mentioned here and elsewhere it is a nice gesture to give long standing customers a discount as you didn't have to, but I think its the figure that is causing disquiet as it seems a bit mean spirited, particularly to people who have invested only 12 months ago.

    I was initially annoyed but hey that's the risk you take of being an early adopter so I'm cool with it now, but a better offer always helps :)

    I found it frustrating as an overseas operator who bought even before there was a UK distributor and had to 'pay through the nose' with added import duties and VAT via a freight forwarder.

    One thing I have seen that doesn't affect me but is causing some pain to recent purchasers is the fact that your sales people have either been lying or have been deliberately kept misinformed as to the likelihood of a new camera.

    Indeed two have been told as recently as last month that there was no hardware upgrade coming and all updates would be via software.

    If I where Matterport, I'd quietly give V2 cameras to people who have asked the question and been misinformed in this way to get back some of the trust that's been lost over this.

    A lot of this is on this Facebook posting if you wish to check it out.


  • @ Matterport Linda @david hothersall , I hung on as long as I could, this was a new venture myself specifically to use Matterport, a risk that I mulled over for a few months while I was out of work. I finally invested in the camera after getting several emails from Matterport and their uk distributor,  was also under the impression from misleading posts on the community (maybe that didn't come directly from Matterport however) that all updates would be through software. I got the best iPad I could afford and took about trying to learn about the tool and drum up some business, it has been a bit upsetting as I'm not having the best of time with the business at the moment (not Matterports fault)  but to find out that my 'month old' camera that I haven't used more than 3 times is now obsolete is a bit frustrating to say the least. I think the Matterport is a fantastic system, looks even better with the new update but things like this will alienate certain users such as myself. I'm not VAT registered like I expect some of your UK clients may be so have to pay the VAT and can't claim it back, this puts the upgrade price up. I said yesterday I'd forget about this:) 

  • Hi Rollin Banderob,

    Overall, you can expect the time it takes to scan and upload to be about the same as the Pro camera. For more detail, go to buy.matterport.com. Below the $3,995 price click the "See a comparison" link.

    Processing in the cloud will take slightly longer (because of the higher quality panoramas) but it is not noticeable. Spaces will still process in less than 24 hours. Processing time depends on several factors. Learn more

    Check out more FAQs about the Pro2 camera.

  • Thank you all for your input.  I just sent out an email with our updated programs to support our loyal customers.  The cliff notes are below:

    ANY CUSTOMER: -  $500/ £400 discount to buy a new Pro2 (for each camera that you already own)

    PURCHASED SINCE DEC 1, 2016: You can take advantage of the above discount OR leverage the updated trade-in program (for each camera that you already own)

    Thank you all for you patience and feedback.  We hope you enjoy the Pro2 as much as we do!

    Matterport Linda

  • Still not happy. Having bought in November will in essence cost me $2800. I didn't make anywhere close to that in my first month, or any month since. If the measure is ROI there should be a sliding scale based on length of ownership rather than a set  cutoff date.

    Based on maximum trade in offered for a camera bought 6 months ago and sale price of pro2 it looks like the ROI is valued at $100/month. Why not continue that back through the months?

  • As pointed out elsewhere its not an ideal situation but at least Matterport have given trade-ins so there is retained value in the device.

    Try taking your six month old PC or iPad back to the shop you bought it from and getting anything like as good a trade in assuming they don't laugh at you.



  • I think the negativity is coming from the cutoff at six months for trade in. There is little reason for a 7 month old camera to have no value while a 6 month old camera has considerable value. 

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