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Several questions - trying to get a quote out - if you can help with any of them I'd appreciate it !

I have a large commercial client (think a school with five hallways) that wants one FULL model with matter tags, and up to five 'copies' where scans of four hallways are hidden, so Copy 1 is full dollhouse but ONLY allows user to access the common area and Hallway 1 (with mattertags), Copy 2 is full dollhouse but ONLY allows user to access common area and Hallway 2, etc..

1. Is there any possible way to create the copies and not have to recreate the matter tags (perhaps directly working with Matterport)? Either way, what is the best way to make the copies?

2. Will this count as 6 hosted models?

3. Is it true that if a room changes in Hallway 1 six months from now, that I should be able to re-scan just that room...and potentially a few scans leading into the room?

4. The client wants to be able to experience the full tour when offline - I'm thinking that downloading the spaces to the Matterport app would suffice, but I'm wondering which Mattertags will and won't work if there is no internet connection?

5. If I am OK with the client having the ability in the future to update their own Mattertags, can I transfer ownership to them if they create their own Matterport account?



  • Matterport?

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  • Hi @Kevin  1) you will need to recreate MTAGs, unless there is a special workaround - which I doubt.  Because an MTAG is attached to an object, I don't know if it's even capable to have software that could identify an object w/MTAG in model A, then find it and tag it in model B.  (But I don't know software)

    2) Yes, 6 models

    3) Yes that is correct as long as you still have the model in your Capture app.  If you delete it you are doomed.  You'll also need to recreate all the MTAGS because it will be a new model.

    4) The MP Showcase app for iOS would do it.  Links in MTAGs won't open unless the device has inet access .

    5) Yes you can do that via Matterport

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  • I could be wrong but I think you might be able to do this with one paid upload. You take same scan and upload it multiple times and hide scans in workshop? You would have to if you want full dollhouse.

    The problem I see is that when you hide scans, you can still click from dollhouse and end up where the scans are disabled. I haven't tried this in awhile but I know a few months ago it would put you there.

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