Indestructable Pro 3?

Having almost completed the very last scan of 20 luxury villas in Turkey last week, my camera tripod moved at the top of a steep and narrow, 18 step, marble staircase. The result was heart wrenching crash as the camera and tripod came hurtling down to the bottom step. The camera took the full force of the impact and resulted in a slightly cracked case and the lid flipping off. With my heart beating fast, I put the camera back together and tried a scan. To my utter disbelief the scan was fine and the camera has been fine ever since. I would like to congratulate Matterport on it's fine construction and invincibility of it's cameras although I wouldn't recommend trying it out yourselves!

I just wondered if any other users have had any, such heart rendering moments.



  • Wow! I'm amazed! I'm happy to hear your camera is still in working order.


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  • I've had a similarly horrifying situation happen and am happy to report the same -- I shot a 360 View to test it and it continued to work perfectly!  If something DOES happen to your Matterport, support is VERY helpful and will often replace your unit.

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  • Wow, that's awesome! Glad to hear it is still going ;)

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