Should you update your iPad?

You may have, at some point, been notified about there being a new version of iOS available for your iPad.  If you’re like me, as opposed to a sense of excitement when a new version of iOS gets released, you feel a bit more nervous and you may say a quick prayer before pressing the Update button.

Fear not, there’s an easy trick to updating your iPad with great confidence.

This trick holds true for any OS update you do on any device.

Here’s what you do:

Always backup your iPad using iTunes before updating iOS.  OK, I know, it’s not really a trick.  However, it does the job and puts all nerves at ease.  If, after you’ve updated the iOS, something should break in Capture or data is lost, you can always restore from your backup and everything will be just as it was before you even thought of updating.

Once you’re back to normal, contact the support department with your experience and we can help figure out if this was just an isolated event or if an incompatibility or bug was introduced with the latest iOS update.  If this is something more widespread, most likely a new version of Capture will have to be released before you attempt the iOS update again.  But, the good news is, you don’t have to worry since you can backup your iPad before every iOS update in order to create that safety net in case something should go wrong.

I hope that helps the next time you get an iOS update notification from Apple.




  • Thanks @Matterport-Amir!  I think where some have gotten into trouble is updating and finding out there is a problem when on site.  The information is appreciated!

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  • I understand that the new camera with the GPS features will allow us to link to Google Streets in the future. Is there any beta of this process for viewing.

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  • Thanks @Matterport-Amir.

    I have upgraded to iOS 10.3.2 and no problems after the upgrade. Able to scan and work as usual.  

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