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I just trying to use this camera for the first time, i do not want to do 3D images of my houses, i just want to do 360 walkthrough, after taking about 40 something 360 images, the uploading link on the ipad is dark grey ( not active to upload ), after calling and speaking with Maggie C, she told me that i needed to do at least one 3D image so the upload link would be active, so i came back into my office and i did one 3D image and then the upload link worked, after clicking on the link about 10-12 seconds later everything was uploaded ( at least i thought ). About one hour after i received the email from Matterport saying that my file was ready to view, and when i logged in the only thing i can see is the 3D of one image that was uploaded, none of my 360 is visible, and when i try to upload again from my up i get a message that was no change on anything to be able to upload again, what should i do now?



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  • Hi Jamil,

    The 360s can be tricky to find. They aren't where the rest of the scans are.

    To find your 360s you need to click on the "3D scans and 360 views" tab on the upper left hand of workshop. Then you should see below that button something that says "360 views" if you click the triangle next to that you'll see a list of all the 360 views you've taken. You need to double click on the 360 view in order to open it up.

    Here's a link to some help documentation we have on 360s and how to include them in your spaces:

    Hope that helps!



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