Show the world the true potential of Multimedia Mattertag Posts.

Calling all creatives!

Matterport wants to reward you and inspire others to use Multimedia Mattertag Posts to enhance the story of their Spaces. We will be selecting one winner from each of the categories listed below. Do you have the perfect Space in mind to enhance with videos, music, pictures, shopping links, and more? Submit to this form and share your Spaces on Matterport’s Facebook page to be eligible to participate. We will be sending a FREE Matterport-approved carrying case from TigerPro Cases, shipped directly to you! Winners will be chosen and announced by June 14, 2017.

Most Creative:

  • In this category, we are looking for bold, wacky, and innovative uses for Multimedia Mattertag Posts which defy logic and inspire the imaginations of those around you. We want you to be a awe-inspiring force of creativity. No holding back, please.

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Best Business Application:

  • In one of our latest blog posts, we gave a few examples of how businesses in different markets can use Multimedia Mattertag Posts to better showcase the positive features of a Space. Can you do better? We’re looking for innovative, intelligent uses for real estate, travel and hospitality, architecture, construction, and engineering, and more!

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Star Storyteller:

  • Do you have a Space which begs to have its story enhanced with video or with song? Are you an educator or journalist who is excited to take part in the next evolution of narrative media? Use Multimedia Mattertag Posts to express a story beyond the limits of its location. The winner of this category will be chosen on the merits of the story being told - so make it a good one.

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To be eligible:

- You must submit your Space to our submission form

- You must post your Space to Facebook and tag Matterport

- Your Space must contain at least 5-10 Multimedia Mattertag™ Posts - the more the merrier


Winners will receive: 





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