Ways of scanning a car showroom on a single level but making 2 floors?

I have the opportunity to scan a luxury car showroom. The showroom is a single storey and packed full of cars. What I would like to do is scan half the cars at once to allow a better immersive tour. Once complete create a 2nd floor to scan the remaining cars thus allowing customers greater space and detail for each car.


However how to a fake a second floor ??



  • The 3D model is created based on the relationship of the data in each scan point.  Creating a 2nd floor will not show up 'separately' from Floor 1 because they are the same level.

    Labeling/creating additional floors is for 1) scanning purposes so scan points are visible on each floor, rather than stacked on top of each other, 2) to be able to delineate between floors for the Floorplan View and floorplans.

    If you scan a multi-level space without creating additional floors, the model stitches as usual, but as one floor.  In the early days of scanning there wasn't the ability to create different floors, so when you scanned a second level, those scan points mixed with the points on the first level.  

    Having said that, I recommend doing the complete scan as one floor.  Duplicate the model and then create a 2nd floor and move the scan points you want to the 2nd floor and see what happens.

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  • I'd create two separate models and link them with Mattertags, easiest and less complicated solution I'd say.

    I did this with a space in a hotel I couldn't scan as one and the links between the two work well.

    Now with Rich Media Mattertags I may revisit those models and see if I can add an extra image of the second space in each tag to make it more appealing.

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