Newbie from South Africa

Hi Everyone. I have recently imported my MP Camera from the USA, setup a business and will now be offering 3D scanning services to my local market. I will start with residential real estate, grow into commercial and eventually want to be in the AEC space, Look forward to learning from the community.



  • Great to have you as part of our community. I look forward to seeing your Spaces and please always feel free to post a link or images of your Space if you have any questions regarding technique or tips. This is a really great community with a lot of users excited about the technology and eager to help.

    - Amir

  • So welcome @colincb

  • Hello @colincb. Looking forward to seeing some of your work! Welcome.

  • Welcome @colincb I'm always happy to fly over if needed. South Africa, one of my favorite places - especially Capetown. Lisa

  • HI Colin, 


    How is it going with your matter port, i am an EX south African living abroad and am considering joining the MP community and doing Residential 3D scans.   
    would love some advice from some others that come or are from a similar background :):):)


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