A New Community is Coming

We've been hard at work developing a brand new community to better serve our members, long-time and new. I'm personally very excited to finally see it up and running and wanted to take a minute of your time to help make the transition as smooth as possible once it's live. Hopefully that way you won't be taken off guard :)

Once the new platform is released, everyone will have to create new passwords for their community accounts. The community will be open to the public, which means the account is no longer tied to your Matterport Cloud account. The password you set can be any you like, same as your Cloud password or different, we'll leave that up to you.

a few questions you may have:

  • Will all the content in the current community be migrated to the new platform?
    • Yes, all your questions, comments and suggestions will be moved over.
  • I got so comfortable with the look and feel of the community, will the new community look different?
    • The new community will look different, but remain familiar in many ways.
  • What are some of the advantages to the new platform?
    • There are several advantages, but my personal favorite I think will really help most is the ability to search both FAQ articles and community threads at the same time.

Stay tuned as more develops and please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and I hope everyone has a great weekend.




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  • This new community is not user friendly, apart from being difficult to navigate compared to the old one I now see you've introduced posting approval so we have to wait before they appear.

    As mentioned elsewhere in a new comment which may or may not appear the old layout was better and comments from yesterday are missing.

    Not good.

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