Hello and Bonjour from Luxembourg

Hello everybody,

My name is Eva. I am Dutch, living in the East of France and having my business in Luxembourg ;-)

I am already member of this community since the beginning of march but I didn't have the time yet to introduce myself.

I have been working as a freelance Matterport photographer since two years now, but since the beginning of this year I am the proud owner of my own Matterport camera.

At the moment I am very busy developing my website and business plans, who to approach, how to start, what are the possibilities, etc

I've already learned a lot here, and I hope to be learning a lot more. And share the knowledge where I can.

Bye, Au revoir, Doei,




  • Hello Eva

    Wellcome !
    I am also from east of France and used to work in Luxembourg, but actualy I live in portugal.

    Si tu as besoin nous pouvons rentrer en contact.


  • Salut @Caroline,

    Oui, nous pouvons, mais honnêtement mon anglais est mieux que mon français ;-)

    Tu as abandonné le gris temps pour le soleil!?

    Bonne fin journée

  • Hello Eva,

    Welcome to the community!



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