Having trouble accessing the community?

Hello everyone :)

I'm sorry I did not post this sooner and I really hope not too many of you have been affected by this. I've only heard from a handful of our members so far and I wanted to take a minute to let you know of this workaround in case you too can't log into the community.

You may be able to see the community, but to post you'll have to sign in. For some members clicking the "Sign in" button at the top, right will result in a big gray error page. Or, if you access the community via your MY.matterport account, you may be routed right back to your Spaces page in your cloud account.

The problem:
In full disclosure, we are working on upgrading our community platform to better serve our members. Trust me, it will be cool :) Unfortunately, as a result, we're experiencing some technical difficulties with the sign in to our current community platform.

The solution:

  1. Go here -
  2. Choose "Forgot your password" and enter your MY.matterport email address.
    1. You’ll receive a one time access link to the community so you can reset your password. Please reset your password.
  3. Use the link in step 1 to continue accessing the community moving forward and use your email and new password.

Pro tip: To keep things simple, I just use the same password I already have set up for MY.matterport :)

If you were affected by this and required this workaround, please let me know here. It would be really helpful to get an idea of just how many members ran into this problem.





  • Thanks Amir, I was affected but it's ok now.

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  • Hi Amir,

    Thanks for the help and tip, I was also affected.


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  • Hi I had trouble initially but using the link you supplied and re-entering my email address and original password in the boxes there I regained access...

    However if I sign out and use the 'Sign in' in the top margin (circled in red) on the image below I get the 'Server error' notification but if I use the sign in (circled in Blue) it works.

    Strange but I'm now back in :)

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  • Yes, David, thanks for pointing that out. The "Sign in" circled in red is currently not working because it uses an SSO (Single Sign On) tool that's currently broken. That means it's trying to automagically gather your credentials from your Matterport Cloud account, but can't, and therefore fails.

    The "Sign in" button below the email and password fields bypasses the broken SSO tool and gets you in easy breezy :)

    Stay tuned for a lot more community action coming next week. I'll be posting an article about it soon :)


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