Win More Business With Google Street View

Yesterday, we announced some very exciting news at the Google Street View Tokyo Summit. Matterport Has Partnered with Google to Bring Matterport 3D Spaces to the Google Street View Platform!

In a few simple steps, your clients’ 3D tours can be published directly to Google Maps and Business Listings. Online viewers will be able to explore these Matterport Spaces on the Google platform as easily as if they were walking down the street. Start generating more revenue and providing end-users with everything they need to share their business across a multitude of platforms using the only all-in-one venue servicing solution on the market - no additional equipment or effort required.

We know that our network of Matterport Service Partners have been asking for this for a long time. We wanted to let you know we were listening, we heard your feedback, and we are very excited to bring this new service to our community.

Here's a few reasons why we're excited to bring Matterport for Business Listings to our network of MSPs:

1. Win More Business: By servicing Matterport verticals and Business Listings leads, you can easily start expanding your business to new industries and generating more revenue. Sell your clients on cutting-edge 3D experiences, 2D HDR photos, Google Street View, and immersive virtual reality - which you capture in a single shoot.

2. Differentiate Your Services: Stand out from the competition by offering the fastest, most robust, full-stack 3D experience - now with Google Street View. If your clients include restaurants, retail stores, offices, rental communities, hotels, or vacation rentals, Matterport Spaces will soon be the cornerstone of your business marketing package.

3. Work Smarter: Matterport is the only all-in-one venue servicing solution on the market. The ability to generate multiple visual assets for your clients from one Matterport Space means you can spend less time creating materials and more time winning additional business.

4. Get Started Fast: Offering Matterport for Business Listings is easy -- no time, training, or additional equipment necessary.

Our Business Listings Beta will officially launch this Summer, and you can sign up to participate here:

HOWEVER - you can get started today! Create immersive 3D and VR experiences with Matterport for your clients now, and publish their Spaces to Google Street View in just a few months. We will be uploading materials on Matterport and Google Street View for you to use with your clients in Retail/Restaurants, Multifamily, and Travel and Hospitality to help you sell them on the value of Matterport + Google. These will be available in the Member Portal over the next few days.

What do you think about Matterport for Business Listings? Is this an exciting opportunity for you? Let us know your feedback here!



  • Fantastic!

    Does an upload to Google Map count as a "one" Spaces Hosted?
    In other words, do we need to continue hosting that model in our plan and "pay" to get it listed in Google Map?

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  • Nice!

    If you search on google eg. for a restaurant, then an infobox is shown on the right side.
    This was created by Google Business Streetview.
    With one click you can see the restaurant from inside.
    Will this be possible also with MP?

    Best Wishes

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  • Thank you for being proactive, this joint venture with Google is a win/win for everyone. Because they had already taken to big clients from me last March.

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  • Hello!

    Is there any estimated date? My clients keep asking for this so-promised-feature.

    Honestly, I decided over Matterport, and moreover the Camera2 because I continued reading over and over this feature.

    I'm about to buy a Ricoh Theta V due to the lack of importing into Google... I can't believe that the quality of the Matterport isn't supported by Google and a camera 8x times less the cost, does.

    Any update?






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