Is the Workshop Launch button gone?

Hi Everyone,

I'm very sorry if anyone is running into this problem. We just had a quick update, which caused the browser width requirements to change a little. If you can't find the Launch button for Workshop, please try to widen your browser window. It usually only requires a few more pixels. You'll see the Launch button appear as soon as the browser window is the right width.

We're working on fixing this as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience.




  • Hello Amir,

    Sorry but widening the browser window doesn't fix the workshop button for me. I'm using Chrome in a Macbook Pro 13" with the browser window as wide as it can be seen in the screen but no workshop button. Is there a timeline to fix this?

    By the way, the layout of the new update to the matterport cloud site doesn't look good. Showing the stats in the stacked 2 column layout looks messy and confusing. It was better to have the four stats in one single line as before, that helped to share this information with our customers easier.

    Please let us know when issues are fixed.

    L. A.

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  • Hi Luis,

    You should be able to drag your browser window to the right so it's right side is actually off the screen. Then you should be able to make it a bit wider.

    Here's a video that better illustrates this -

    I hope that helps. The fix should be out soon, but not sure when exactly they'll be able to push it out. Will keep you posted.


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