Hello from Japan

Hello members. I am Masahiro Adachi from Japan. I live in Kyoto Prefecture. 'Kyoto' is famous for everyone and they say you live in a nice plece. But its Kyoto means Kyoto City. My town is far from there. My town is a small country town nearby the Sea of Japan. They all are disappointed to know it. Now My main job is making Digital Books. I like taking photoes and have interest in 360 degree photoes. If possible I have wanted to start the service of making indoor view photoes. By chance I found the Matterport and had great interest in it. I want to know anything about what you do and what the Matterport can do. Unfotunatelly I am not good at English. I am afraid I can not write what I want to express completely.But I will do my best to express what I think.Please talk to me about what you think. I am going to make Matterport spaces which are Japanese style. Thank you.



  • Look forward to seeing your style @adachimasahiro! Welcome.

  • Thanks for your comment. Now I read many help files to understand the Matterport System and how to use. It seems more difficult for me to read them in English than to take photoes.

  • Welcome to the Matterport Community, Masahiro. Unlike traditional photography, the Matterport system is less about knowing how to capture light is a certain way to achieve a desired effect and more about using the Capture app and proper camera positioning to flesh out the model data as completely as possible.

    The camera itself is very easy and more like a point and shoot than a DSLR.

    Looking forward to seeing some of your Spaces from Kyoto :)

    - Amir

  • A big welcome from Texas! You English is much better than my Japanese if that helps!

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