MP model in the real world

Hello There

First at all. Sorry for my english. I will try my best.

I have experimented a bit with Adobe AE and Elements 3D with lights and shades.
I would like to show you my example.
The picture is not steady, but that is unimportant. You can use a slider or a copter.
So you can represent an MP model in the real world.

Link to Vimeo Video

Best Wishes




  • Wow! Josko, it is amazing!

    Btw, Could do tell us more about how to do this? How to represent the model in the real world? Some AR software?

    Or only use Adobe AE and Elements 3D could work?

    Thanks for sharing!

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  • Hello

    I only used the following...
    - OBJ file
    - Camera
    - Table
    - AE and 3D Elements

    • At first I filmed the table. Have a bit of imagination. With a slider it looks much better.
    • In the AE I made a 3D camera tracking.
    • In the 3D Elements I imported the OBJ file.
    • Thats it...

    The biggest challenge was to place the light and shadow correctly.

    Best Wishes

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  • Thanks for your reply :-)

    I was supposed it is the AR thing like this [Augmented Reality for architecture, design, & hospitality - YouTube](

    Well, still impressive!

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