290 Scan Points, 50,000 Square Feet.

This scan pushes the Matterport "threshold" according to the team at Matterport. 290 scan points at 50,000 square feet. How big have you guys gotten your spaces to? In number of scans, and spare footage. This project took 9 hours total, 5 hours the first night, 4 hours the second. Please include examples in your replies!

I had no problems getting the big guy online either, took a while (about 10 hours from when I uploaded from the capture app), but everything works fine. I'd love to be able to apply vertical trims to that dollhouse, and delete some of the ceiling artifacts, but otherwise it captivates anyone who has seen it thus far.

Does anybody know if there's a way to tell the number of scan points for tours that you didn't create? I've browsed some nice captures, and I'd love to know how many scan points they took to achieve, and how long the entire scan took. Particularly Beaver Creek Ski Chateau and Lodge at Grant's Trail



  • Terrific!!

  • Very cool scan. I'll have to check it out in VR one day :)

  • Amazing job! How did you dictate the slide show the way you did ?

  • Really nice work! Thank you!

  • Thanks for the replies, friends. Any chance anyone wants to answer some of my questions though?? haha. The slideshow option isn't selected for the higlight reel. I chose "walkthrough".

  • I missed your question in your post :) Sorry about that. The best way is to open the Space in Workshop and go to the 3D Scans tab. There you'll be able to expand all the floors and look for the largest numbered scan on each floor. The Beaver Creek Space has 263 scan, with scan 263 being on floor 1. That's why you can't just expand the 3rd floor and scroll to the bottom of that list.

    I hope that helps

    - Amir

  • Really a nice Space!!

  • Very cool scan...what a great project; well done!

    We did a villa that totaled around 27,000 square feet over 7 different levels, but it took 464 scans and two full days to complete, but many of the scan positions were hidden afterwards as we were building mesh during dawn and dusk as there's so much outdoor space. Some insight into the process we went through (including link to the showcase):

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