Greetings from Pasadena, CA

Hi, my name is Charlie Terrazas from Pasadena, CA. I discovered Matterport last summer while looking at real estate and it blew my mind how easy it was to navigate through a virtual home with my phone! I’m now using Matterport to help my small business create 3D models for use in design, rendering and animation of AEC projects. I’m having fun with the addition of this technology to my workflow.

I’ve learned a lot from reading the forums and I will try to post and share my experiences with the community. Here’s a recent scan of an office in downtown LA:

In my spare time, I play a little bit of disc golf and I like food and travel.



  • Beautiful office. Beautiful scan!!

  • Thank you Lisa! I wish it was my office. There are plenty of little issues with the scan but they're kind of hidden in the big space. I learn something new with each scan.

  • @Charlie Terrazas - I learn something every scan as well - [if you're lucky!]

  • Welcome Charlie!

  • Hi @Charlie Terrazas

    This is a really great example - Please will you post it the Matterport Gallery for us to use to demo / reference?

    thanks, Simon

  • Thank you Karl.

  • Thanks Simon! I would be happy to post it in gallery. I'm also eager to hear constructive comments.

  • Welcome to the community and great job on that office scan. It looks very well done and I look forward to seeing more down the road :)

    - Amir

  • Hi Charlie, great scan! What was the square footage, out of curiosity? Nice job with the trim on the windows, you're so lucky the desks were far enough away from the windows that you could navigate completely around them. So many times offices have desks that are pushed up all the way to the window...but still, kudos on a great scan!



  • Hi Emily,

    Thank you! The overall foot print of the space is 15,000 SF but if the 2 large empty spaces within the space are removed, it comes out closer to 13,000 SF.

    The furniture arrangement around the windows, which are south facing did help make the scan go more smoothly. We noticed that it got warm near the windows while the sun screens were pulled up. It probably would be too warm for someone to work near them unless the screens were down full time during the day.

  • Amir,

    Thank you. I have learned a lot from your posts and the helpful information you provide. Keep up the great work!

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