Lighting A Space

Hi guys, today I went and did a re-shoot for a company because the first one came out grainy and a bit ugh because the place isn't lit very well.

I decided to try and test the lighting today on this one. I added a small LED light that was only at 20%. I probably could have gone all the way but didn't want to risk the place looking blown out.

Here is the scan: Soho Sonic

The walls still look to have a lot of noise on them but the last scan I did, so did the wooden floor. Now it doesn't! Or at least it isn't as obvious. I wish I could show the difference but I stupidly deleted the thing.

Anyhow, I sat this this little thing on top of the camera and it REALLY helped. I hope it can help you guys too. TOAZOE Fill light - It also allows you to change the colour temperature too.

Next time I will crank up the power AND flag the light a little so it doesn't interfere with the shot as much. I might even get 2 more and cover the sides! WHO KNOWS! Life is crazy like that.

Still learning but I love a good trial and error!



  • Brilliant idea, Daniel. I've seen tripod rigs with a few LED lights set up one between each set of legs just to add a little more light to the scene. I really hope this helps with noise in your scene, but would like to know how it affects the ambiance at the same time. Best of luck to you, Sir :)

    - Amir

  • The guys at the studio are super happy now. I'm really glad I invested in the light. There is a banding issue when its too bright though. Sort of cuts the room in half.

  • Great idea, thanks! @Daniel Spencer How did you attach the light?

  • Nice job with the LED. Correct about the banding if too bright. Also, I found if not positioned correctly it can create a single band of color. I carry 2 rechargeable LED lights to use in tandem. Usually one on top the camera and the other hand held and directed to keep down shadows.

  • Wow, it is your ace in the hole. If it is not too troublesome, maybe you capture and upload some of your working images next time :-)

  • Hey, I actually just say the light on top. It's about the same size as the camera so just trusted in gravity. I could/should probably use some Velcro.

  • Good shout Bill. I tend to run out of the room first. Definitely going to try flag the light a bit more. Thanks for the tip!

  • Hi,

    Great idea with additional light. How did you attach the light to the camera?


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