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Deep Dive: New MSP Materials

Wednesday, April 5 | 11 am PT

Join us as we walk through the 40+ sales, marketing, and enablement materials we've recently launched to our community of MSPs since December.

Our session will provide a deep dive of these materials and help you learn how to leverage them to win more business, improve the customer experience, and increase your expertise and skill set as a Matterport Service Partner!

Leveraging Matterport VR for Your Business

Thursday, April 13 | 11 am PT

Matterport VR has democratized VR content creation by building technology to allow practically anyone to capture a real world space and share it in VR. Join Matterport’s VR team, including the Head of VR, Ashish Agarwal, and Keith Schaffer, as they describe the latest developments with Matterport VR.

The webinar will highlight the innovations from the past year including the launch of CoreVR and WebVR. Gain insight into the team’s upcoming plans to further proliferate real world VR with the Matterport VR SDK, currently available in limited beta.


The Future of Real Estate Marketing & 23 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Last week, Forbes published two fantastic articles highlighting Matterport's technology and our role as a key player in the future of real estate marketing. This coverage is a huge win for our community and a very powerful sales and marketing tool for you to leverage as an MSP. We've compiled some ideas below for how to get the most out of these Forbes features:


MSP Member Survey

Our MSP Program is growing quickly and we want to better understand how we can make you most successful! We’ll be sending a survey via SurveyMonkey to all Matterport Service Partners early next week, so please keep an eye out. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and integral to the future of the MSP Program.

Each MSP who completes the full survey* will be eligible to win 2 FREE months of Matterport Cloud Service.** FIVE winners will be selected!

Become an MSP Presenter

Do you feel that you're a master of a specific Matterport skill or is there an area of expertise that you think would be useful to other Matterport Service Partners? If so, we want to know! We're organizing a series of webinars (30-45 mins each) over the coming months and will be selecting a few MSPs to present. Selected MSP Presenters will receive 3 FREE months of Matterport Cloud Service*** and an official MSP Presenter badge for use in their company materials. If you would like to be considered, get started by submitting your skill set today!

*One survey entry per company. To be eligible for the raffle, responses must be submitted within 7 days of survey receipt.

**Based upon Basic plan ($98 credit will be applied for MSPs with Professional or Business plan)

***Based upon Basic plan ($147 credit will be applied for MSPs with Professional or Business plan)


MSP Network: Matterport Community

Our Matterport Community is where we post exclusive content for MSPs first. There's no better way to stay on top of the latest and greatest Matterport and MSP-related news than by signing up and following our MSP Network section! Getting started is easy. Here’s how:

Schematic Floor Plans - Only $14.99!

At an incredible price of $14.99, adding black-and-white floor plans to your core business offering and generating more revenue per job has never been easier. Visit the Space Detail page in Matterport Cloud to purchase a Schematic Floor Plan for your customer today. For more details and specific instructions, please visit our help article!


New Materials, Matterport VR for WebVR, Blog, and More

New Materials

Last month, the Matterport Service Partner Team announced 17 new sales, marketing, and enablement materials now available to our community of MSPs. Win more business, improve the customer experience, and increase your expertise and skillset as a Matterport Service Partner with these new MSP assets.

Blog: From Askania to Matterport: Tracking the Career Trajectory of an Early MSP

by Lisa Hinson

Check out this guest blog feature on by Lisa Hinson as she takes us through her journey from early adopter of the Matterport camera to successful MSP.

Matterport VR for WebVR

A few weeks ago, in partnership with Google, we announced the availability of Matterport VR for WebVR!

As an MSP, your users can now experience Matterport VR spaces right from any mobile browser that supports WebVR, all without having to leave your website. Get started today by visiting the Matterport VR for WebVR site to learn more and see how Matterport customers are using WebVR and how you can begin using it today.

We Want Your Success Stories!

We want to feature our network of MSPs in upcoming PR initiatives like Matterport sponsored case-studies, placement in major publications, featured guest blogs, or even press releases. This is a great way to highlight your work and help promote your business

We're looking for great client wins, success stories, or ways you've increased ROI. Check out our customer testimonial page for inspiration. Email with the subject line "My MSP Story" today!


Emily Olman: Hopscotch Interactive

This month we're highlighting Emily Olman of Hopscotch Interactive, a trusted MSP headquartered in Berkeley, California. While we normally reserve MSP of the month for a featured scan, we were too impressed with Emily's initiatives around co-marketing to pass up the chance to highlight her. The efforts set forth by her and her team are fantastic examples of bringing co-marketing activities to the table, and we want this example to shared with the entire MSP community.

In April, the Hopscotch Interactive team will lead a hands-on workshop on Matterport 3D/VR at VRLA, the world's largest VR conference. According to VRLA's website: "The VRLA Expo hosts a thriving community of developers, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts and more, all excited and curious about this modern renaissance of virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive technology."

This co-marketing opportunity was initiated and sourced by Hopscotch Interactive. Emily says: "The most fruitful marketing initiatives for me have been networking within the VR community. I began doing demos about a year ago, and I immediately got the value-proposition." Through her connections made in the community, she discovered the opportunity to showcase her expertise in VR and Matterport at VRLA. As early adopters of VR, the Hopscotch Interactive team is very excited to help drive continued awareness within the community, especially with Matterport at the forefront. One final take away from Emily: "If you're not following VR or AR, don't wait to study up on how it is completely transforming the future of business."

This proactive effort to jointly grow both our businesses and help increase the visibility and mindshare of Matterport in the industry is just the type of initiative we're looking for from MSPs. If you have a co-marketing activity you'd like to submit to us for consideration, please email

About Hopscotch Interactive

Hopscotch Interactive is a property marketing company for promoting extraordinary spaces in 3D/VR. An MSP since June 2015, Hopscotch Interactive has grown globally to have cameras at work in Northern California, Southern California, and Berlin, Germany.

To learn more, visit

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