Hello from The Woodlands, Texas!

Hi Guys!

I would just like to say hello and tell you about myself! My name is Karl and I am originally from the UK and since 2009 have been living in a place called The Woodlands which is a master planned community about 45 miles North of Houston. For the last 5 years I owned a Tax and Accountancy business which I sold in 2016. So I was looking for something a little bit more exciting to get into and I was talking to a Realtor friend of mine and ran by him my thoughts of getting into Photography both Drone footage and normal Digital Photography and if it would be a fit with Real Estate. He was lukewarm about that but mentioned Matterport which he had just heard of. I did some research and brought a camera. I received the camera about two weeks ago and what a great piece of equipment. I am learning new techniques and ways to do different things everyday, also all the Realtors I have presented to so far are also impressed. So I started up a business offering mainly Matterport, but with the add on of both Drone Aerial Footage and Digital Photography. It was the only way I could justify to my wife for me to buy a drone lol. I am so excited about the Matterport! Thanks for reading while I drone on (excuse the pun).





  • Hi @karlmartin23 Welcome to the community! That's the way to dive right in. There are also many opportunities outside of real estate to create 3D Spaces. Looking forward to hearing more.

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  • Couldn't agree more. Great to have you in the community.

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