Oceanfront Villa

Hello everyone - we recently did a villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that we are very proud of. It's a huge property with so much outdoor space that it took 2 full days of scanning, plus a 3rd day to fill in any holes (mesh), especially outdoors. We ended up with 464 scans to make it work, and while it's not officially supported, it turned out quite well.

Some observations:

- Since the property has so many different locations joined by outdoor stairs and walkways, we started early by doing all of those paths. That way when the sun came overhead we would be able to continue in other buildings/rooms and not be blocked by the sun. That upfront planning saved us a lot of time.

- Have to turn off tiling otherwise the showcase/browser crashes on mobile devices.

- Workshop crashes every 4-5 minutes during editing due to insufficient memory in prepared for long editing sessions if you plan to do something this big (with all the outdoor space and sunlight, we had so many scans that are just filling in mesh that have to be removed in workshop afterwards).

- processing time was 12-14 hours each time - bear that in mind for your delivery forecast to the client. Forgetting one mirror can cost you a full day.

- some of the balconies (and even along side the pool) are marked as windows, so users don't fly off them to the next level below

- Since we had the place 3 days, bringing the laptop along and viewing the issues while onsite was really helpful.

Hope you enjoy the showcase, and feel free to ask any questions...don't forget the dollhouse's pretty impressive.




  • Excellent!

  • Wow, amazing!

    And thanks for your nice tips. Lots of help information. :-)

    Two questions to ask:

    1.Some of the balconies are marked as windows.

    Why do you think fly off to the next level below is not a good idea? Will it confuse people after they jump to next level but can not easily jump back?

    Btw, I suppose the tool trim can also works. marked as windows seems strange in dollhouse view.

    2. Since we had the place 3 days, bringing the laptop along and viewing the issues while onsite was really helpful.

    Does it means, you upload the model every day to check if there some thing wrong when capture the property and do some work to repair?

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks! to answer your first question - there was a point where you could fly off the top balcony all the way to the beach, and that's 6 levels in the model....For new users not so familiar with these showcases becomes annoying to get back to where they were.

    Not sure about the trim functionality on a multi level property like this - would like to hear from someone in Matterport about that.

    Your second question - the answer is yes; we uploaded every night, and then had the model (even if it was incomplete) there at the house to test for any issues. This was really helpful to be able to do this onsite, but we had arranged with the owner to have the property to ourselves for 3 days...this is a luxury that's not always possible.

  • Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, clone the model and upload is free of charge. So clone it and change one or two window with trim I suppose you will get the test result :-)

  • Amazing! How did you make that elevator button link?

  • Elevator buttons are done using deep links...see thread in MP Official announcements:

  • Very impressive work! Great editing of scan points too. A fun 3D space to walk through.

  • Great scan!
    I have a question, how did you do tag from the elevator to take downstairs and upstairs? What link did you have to put in to take you from one part o the model to the next?

    Thanks and good job!

  • Hi -

    Elevator buttons are done using deep links...see following thread for an explanation:

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