Updates to our Terms of Service

Dear Valued Customer -

We are emailing to let you know we are updating our Terms of Service.

Over the last year, Matterport has experienced incredible growth, both in our customer base and in our product and feature offerings. We are updating our Terms of Use for the purposes of streamlining and better alignment with our current product/services. We believe these updates will help service all of our customers better and more effectively.

The updated Terms of Service, known as the Matterport Cloud Subscription Agreement, has been broken up into four sections for clarity and ease of administration:

  • General Terms
  • Spaces Processing and Hosting Terms
  • Schematic Floor Plan Terms
  • VR Terms

The updated documents are effective today. By continuing to use Matterport, you consent to the updated terms.

We encourage all customers to view the Terms of Service in their entirety here. For your convenience, here are the key updates:

  • Added specific terms for the new CoreVR and CustomVR offerings
  • Clarified obligations for Matterport customers in obtaining rights from property owners
  • Changed our policy of when we start charging for accounts and clarified account termination provisions
  • Clarified the approved means of accessing and exporting content from Matterport
  • Clarified Matterport's collection and use of data regarding Cloud usage and data derived from user-generated content
  • Clarified policy regarding Matterport's use of customer's name and logo
  • Refined and added definitions for data and imagery that are processed or hosted on the Cloud
    • New categories include Mattertag™ Content, content uploaded by customers, new exportable content, and statistical information generated about Spaces
  • Added terms that define usage and ownership rights of the Schematic Floor Plan service

If you have any questions, please review the FAQ on our Support site. Thanks for being a loyal Matterport customer!

- The Matterport Team



  • I hate to ask this but just how does that affect the services I am offering. How will my bill change? Is there special paper work I am supposed to be using? Will I no longer have control of my scans? Is there a webinar we can take to make sure we are filling out the right forms and doing the right things?

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  • No worries, debdenk. There are no forms you have to complete, but I would recommend that you read the linked TOS in it's entirety just to be sure you have all the information that may not have been included in these highlights.

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