1/19/17 - [Newsletter] Cleaner 3D Showcase UI | MLS-friendly link | Navigation instructions

The first product updates of 2017!

An improved 3D Showcase UI gives your audience a cleaner viewing experience

With today’s update, we are excited to announce user interface (UI) upgrades to 3D Showcase. Now, when your audience is actively exploring a Space, all the UI controls will fade out. Space Name, Space Details, View and Floor selectors, Zoom, VR, the bottom Help toolbar, and Matterport branding will not be visible during navigation.

The UI controls will automatically reappear:

  • After three seconds of idle time
  • If you mouse over the top or bottom of 3D Showcase (desktop)
  • If you move your mouse outside of the 3D Showcase frame (desktop)
  • If you touch and hold the screen (mobile)

This update provides a cleaner in-Space experience, allowing for a full-screen view with no interruptions, particularly on mobile devices. Show off every inch of your Space!

New MLS friendly URL parameter MLS=1

Your Spaces can now go more places. We have added a MLS-friendly option to our URL parameter list to provide even more flexibility on what information is or isn’t included in your 3D Showcase.

Use &mls=1 at the end of the sharing URL to remove:

  • All Presented By and contact information
  • Any links in Mattertag Posts (the text will remain but the hyperlink is no longer there)
  • The virtual reality icon in the bottom right hand corner (the Space is still available in VR, but cannot be launched directly from 3D Showcase)

You can continue to use &brand=0 to remove only Presented By and contact information. For a list of all URL parameters, please refer to our help center.

3D Showcase with &mls=1

3D Showcase with no URL parameters or &mls=0

Red boxes indicate items removed with the MLS-friendly link.

For more information, how to implement, and a list of all URL parameters, please review our help article.

Increase engagement with your Spaces with new navigation instructions

You can now more effectively give your viewers a tour of your Space and provide the interactivity that is unique to Matterport.

To ensure your audience visits the most important areas in your Space, you can automatically start the Guided Tour with the url parameter &ts=xx where xx is the number of seconds until the tour starts.

When the Guided Tour concludes or if the viewer selects pause, navigation instructions will automatically show on the screen. Your customers will immediately know how to explore the Space on their own, as well as take the tour you set up.

Join the discussion, ask questions, and submit product ideas on the Matterport Community. Just log in with your Matterport Cloud credentials to get started.

Visit our Help Center for detailed Matterport how-to guides, videos, and other FAQs.



  • It just keeps getting better! Awesome Matterport! Thank you!

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  • The UI fading is implemented in the reverse manner to how YouTube, Vimeo and desktop applications like QuickTime Player, Windows Media Player and VLC function. This is confusing.

    It is very easy to cause the fade in/fade out behavior to misbehave.

    • If a user immediately clicks the tour after it loads, the UI will disappear before a user has an opportunity to read the information.
    • The UI fades in and out again quickly if the user's cursor is close to the area that triggers it.
    • Hotspots on the floor are positioned at the bottom of the tour -- thus, clicking on them makes the UI fade in and out irratically.

    It would be considerate if Matterport would provide us with the ability to turn this new functionality off in until it makes more sense.

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  • If anyone else feels a little bit concerned that the disappearing UI will not be liked by their clients, append the following to your embed URL:


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  • I personally like the change, but I would agree with Chris that we should have control over how our tours display. My concern is that I feel that we are left out of the discussion, decision making process for when and how features are enabled. How will our costumers react to the changes when we can not continue to provide the same look and feel they have become accustomed to?

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  • Chris,

    I work in the product team and manage the Showcase product line.

    Regarding the new immersive 3D Showcase experience, it is a carefully vetted and designed experience which especially adheres to our experience objective and engagement goals on Mobile and Desktop. We do carefully track discoverability+interaction of all UI elements with every iteration of the product. We will continue improvements and modifications as necessary and as we see fit.

    If you use &hl=1, the highlight reel will be up upon landing in the Space and stay up during interaction.

    Also, if the title bar and/or highlight reel are explicitly expanded by the user then they do stay up and visible during interaction. Unless deliberately expanded, those elements will disappear during interaction for the cleanest viewing experience especially on those screens where real estate is very valuable.

    I am sorry this update brings some concerns to you. We will continue to tune the experience. Most importantly, and to your point, configurability options are really important to us. A lot of options are already available, some will be added short term and some will take more time to deliver but that is the direction.

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  • Thank you Damien for your position.

    It is very important to me that my clients' names are visible at all times. It is very important to Realtors for their information to be the most accessible and visible part of the tour. I believe that this is why it appears at the top left of the UI.

    I am worried that my clients may not approve of these changes and it could cause distrust. This makes me uncomfortable. Building trust is the most important experience objective and engagement goal that I can possibly imagine.

    It may be helpful to your vetting team to utilize the beta program to test new ideas and gain valuable feedback before launching new ideas.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the continuous dialog and additional context. You and your clients are important to us. I look forward to hearing their feedback.

    I want to make sure you saw the options in my original answer about how to keep the title information visible (in expanded mode) and also about the highlight reel url extension. I hope those recommendations can help you for now.

    I will look at options about the title (in normal/collapsed mode) being up at all times (it was one of the consideration we had in the design process so I know where you are coming from here). I will follow up on that. This plays into that higher configurability direction I mentioned.

    Remember that all UI elements are present and visible when you land in the Space, and that only an explicit navigation intent (I am moving, turning, zooming...) removes the UI elements.

    The beta program is still active and we will continue leveraging it on targeted initiatives. We did not elect that feature to be ran through the beta program but future iterations might.


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  • Hi all,

    you can now use &title=2 and it will keep your title bar up at all times.

    + @chris hickman



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  • @Matterport-Damien THANK YOU! This is an EXCELLENT compromise. I love it! Please please, if at all possible consider allowing this to be an account level option that can be turned on for all tours in

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