Matterport Scenes – our mobile capture app – gets an update!

Since its release in November,Matterport Scenes has been praised by TechCrunch, Cnet and bloggers. Now, Matterport is very pleased to announce the first update to Matterport Scenes!

Matterport Scenes gives you a way to capture dimensionally accurate 3D models of spaces and objects. It will run on mobile devices that support Google's Tango technology – the first is the Lenovo Phab2 Pro. The Phab2 Pro is now becoming widely available.

Scenes will enable you to do things that were never before possible with a smartphone, such as…

  • Scanning an area or room that you want to renovate, then taking measurements any time, off-site
  • Taking a 3D model of your living room with you when you go furniture shopping
  • Capturing a model of a chair or table to show your family

Matterport Scenes includes tools for scanning a scene, viewing it from any point of view, measuring distances and saving dimensions, and trimming to capture a discrete object. We think you'll find it's useful – and fun! And the new update makes it even easier to use.

Here are a few details…

What is it?

Matterport Scenes provides handheld 3D scanning capabilities on devices that are compatible with Google Tango technology.

The app is suitable for capturing spaces up to room-size, and the objects in them – scenes. The scanned scenes are viewed on-device as enhanced point clouds. It's great for viewing spatial relationships and measuring walls, windows and doors, or in-progress construction.

By using the trimming functions, users can isolate individual objects like furniture (or people), view and measure them any time.

Models can be uploaded to a site like Google Drive or Dropbox, and shared with other Scenes users. Advanced users can open the uploaded files in some apps that can display point clouds.

What is it NOT?

Matterport Scenes is not, in any way, a competitor to the Matterport Pro 3D camera. Scenes' visual fidelity and scan-size limitations are not appropriate for scanning and showing residential real estate or, for example, documenting large constructions sites.

Matterport Scenes and the Matterport Pro camera are very different tools, for very different purposes. Our Pro camera is (and will continue to be) the best way to capture spaces in 3D.

OK, who is it for?

Anyone who wants to be able to view a room, area or object interactively, from different viewpoints, any time.

Anyone who needs to measure things, especially when they aren't on-site. "How tall is that counter? How high is the ceiling?"

A few examples: Construction contractors, interior designers, home stagers, handymen/women, homebuyers, furniture shoppers, housepainters, plumbers, installers might all be interested in Matterport Scenes.

How can I get it?

Matterport Scenes is available through the Play Store for Tango-enabled devices.

Where can I find more information?

See complete documentation at!

Questions? Comments? Suggestion? Join this thread:

…or add your ideas in the Product Suggestions section!



  • Suggestion - could there be a separate forum created for this? I feel that it would encourage people to post their projects and allow Matterport to communicate specifically about this product in a way that keeps the product fresh in our minds.

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  • Hi @Chris Hickman! Great idea, this is something @Matterport-MarkC suggested and we have been discussing. Stay tuned!

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  • Hello, i would like to ask if it is possible, to upload some models of furniture scanned with matterport scenes on Lenovo or Asus phones thank you.I cant find anything related.

    And if someones knows difference and which phone is better please comment.

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  • Hi Z

    You can upload models from Matterport Scenes to a a site like Google Drive by using the Share icon (when the model is open).

    The Asus device isn't yet available - it's due this spring. You can get the Lenovo Phab2 Pro now.

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  • Since this post, Scenes has been updated with new features, and it's easier to use, too!

    If you've tried Scenes, we would love to hear about your experience. Please get in touch...just send your contact information to:

    Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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