12/14/16 - [Newsletter] Free CoreVR extension | Support update | Product feedback | and more

See what's new this week!

We wanted to use this week’s newsletter to share a few product updates, as well as provide some insights into some of our processes and 2017 planning.

CoreVR - now FREE until June 30, 2017

Thank you so much for the overwhelming excitement around CoreVR. We have seen such amazing adoption and growth of Matterport Virtual Reality (and we want our iOS users to have the same experience), that we are extending free CoreVR through June 30, 2017!

All of your Spaces will automatically be available in immersive virtual reality, accessible from the VR link provided in Matterport Cloud. All you need to get started is a VR headset and compatible smartphone. Learn all you need to know about exploring and sharing your VR Spaces by visiting our help article.

We know we have a lot of iOS customers, and our team has been hard at work ensuring that Matterport VR for iOS works just as seamlessly as Android. We hope to launch the iOS app as soon as possible in the new year.

Matterport Support update

Matterport has been growing, and while our support team has been doing their best to meet demand, we fully recognize the need to build out our team to provide faster turnaround time. We are excited to announce that we recently hired an industry veteran as our new head of support, who is busy improving our processes and expanding the team and the self-help knowledge base. We will be adding two additional full time people in the coming weeks and announcing a number of other improvements in the near term. Stay tuned!

How to report product issues

At Matterport, we strive to move quickly to release new products and features that bring our customers more value. As part of our release process, we run all of our upgrades through rigorous testing and quality assurance (QA). However, on occasion, there are corner cases we might not be aware of and, as such, you may experience an issue with our software.

We want to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. If you do find an error in your Matterport system, please take the following steps:

  • First, try searching the Help Center or searching/posting in the Community for a solution. When appropriate, we will post information about important issues on the Community.
  • If these methods do not produce an answer, please log a support ticket with;
    • Full details on how to reproduce the bug
    • Any screen captures or references to specific scans, Space, etc. that illustrate the issue
    • Operating system details
  • Matterport will verify the bug, work with the engineering team to put together a plan for resolution, and respond in the support ticket.

Thank you for your feedback to our research in 2016

This year, we conducted a lot of research to better understand our customers - how you use Matterport, why you use Matterport, and most importantly, what you want improved about Matterport. The Product team has been diligently analyzing all of your responses and is focusing much of the 2017 product plans directly on your feedback.

Thank you so much for participating in Matterport surveys. Keep an eye out for new and improved features, based on what you requested! We look forward to hearing your 2017 suggestions as well.

Don’t forget!

Order Schematic Floor Plans at the new permanent low price

Last week, we announced the new Schematic Floor Plan price of only $14.99 each. Get a 2D black-and-white floor plan drawing of every Space to provide the most complete property experience possible online.

Ordering is as easy as pushing a button. Learn how in our help article or read the blog for more information.

Update your Pro Camera firmware

If you haven’t yet installed the new Pro Camera firmware, now is the time! In addition to many small improvements, version specifically includes:

  • Improved color handling, greatly reducing yellow patches
  • Improved performance in LED-heavy conditions, preventing LED banding

Firmware must be installed on your Pro Camera using the Matterport Capture app. For more information on how to update your firmware, including checking your current version, please visit our help article. To join the conversation about the new firmware or get answers from other users, please visit our Community article.

Enter our holiday contest!

Show off your most festive holiday Spaces for a chance to win FREE Cloud Hosting for 2017!

Submit your Space on this form or head over to the Matterport Community for more information. Deadline to submit is Monday, December 19, 2017, 12:00 PT.


Join the discussion, ask questions, and submit product ideas on the Matterport Community. Just log in with your Matterport Cloud credentials to get started. Visit our Support Site for detailed Matterport how-to guides, videos, and other FAQs.



  • This is FANTASTIC.

    Matterport is really taking care of MSPs!

    #1) "We listened and are improving support."
    #2) "We know that those who haven't tried CoreVR yet and those who are enjoying it might not be ready to start paying for it -- let's let you have it for free longer and see how it goes!"
    #3) "We have improved the firmware and want to make sure you have it installed."
    #4) "We understand that Schematic Floor Plans may have been too pricey for your budget and have permanently changed the price".


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  • Thanks for your note @Chris Hickman! Yes, change takes time, but we are totally listening and working hard to make progress. Thank you and all the MSPs and customers for the ongoing support, questions and input!!

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  • Going to get my fan flag out and may actually start waving it.... What will defiantly make me wave it is hearing that there will never be a charge for VR. Its hard enough getting agents to get into the tech of 3D tours, let alone VR. So if you want VR to grow among agents, this ones gonna have to stay free guys. But Kudos for your latest efforts.....

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  • I'm really glad to hear that there are changes going on behind the scenes that are geared at making our lives as MSP's easier. The easier it is for us to sell, the more the Matterport name grows. Thanks!

    Any update on when we will be able to put hyperlinks or website addresses in our Mattertags?

    Also, When will the CoreVR experience be available on IOS?


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  • I'm glad to see the positive response from our amazing MSP community, @Anthony, and just to reiterate @Matterport-Sibyl, we really do listen, but change takes time.

    What you don't have to wait for any longer is hyperlinks in your Mattertags :) Check out this video for an overview of how it works. The best part is the link you add does not count against the total number of characters in the Description field. If you link to another Matterport Space, be sure to use the full link and not a shortened URL. That way the linked Space will load into the same iframe window. Basically, if the Showcase recognizes the link as starting with "" it will load into the same window/iframe in which the current Space is displayed. However, any other link will open a new tab.

    As for Matterport VR for iOS, we are working hard on it and expect it to launch early next year. Regrettably we don't have an exact date. That's just the nature of software development :( But, we certainly see the need and are doing everything we can to make it available as soon as possible.

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