SCHEMATIC FLOOR PLANS now only $14.99!!!

Matterport is kicking off the holiday season with a Schematic Floor Plan price drop! Now, you can get traditional black-and-white floor plans for all of your Spaces, for only $14.99 each!

Schematic Floor Plans add even more value to your Matterport Space:

  • Increase Space value. Gain more from a single scan by ordering a Schematic Floor Plan directly from your already-captured Space.
  • Eliminate multiple site visits. No need to hire an additional firm or return to the property to take measurements.
  • Save time. Order with the push of a button. Your Schematic Floor Plan will be delivered within two business days.

Order your Schematic Floor Plans directly from the Space Detail Page in Matterport Cloud. For more details read the blog. For specific instructions, please visit our help article.

UPDATE 12/7: As a few folks mentioned, though the price currently shows $36, but you will only be charged $14.99. In our excitement to launch this for the holidays, we forgot to take off the old price tag! ;-) We'll get that fixed soon!



  • Really glad to hear this news! I've used these floor plans many times now I can get them for less!

  • Great to hear, @Lisa Hinson!

    Hopefully this makes life a little easier for you and our other customers. :-)

  • Very cool! Thank you!

  • Price in account still reflects $36 pricing. Is it discounted later?

  • Hi @adam! The price should be $14.99 already. Can you please take a screenshot of where you are seeing $36 so we can get this fixed right away? Thanks!

  • I thought I posted the image.. not here.. I just bought one.. hope it's $14

  • Also reflects $36 price in our accounts under Add-On's.

  • A few customers have written in with questions regarding schematic floor plans (SFP), so here's a quick update:

    • Currently we only offer Schematic Floor Plans in English
    • Schematic Floor Plans are only available in square footage (early next year customers should be able to choose between sq feet or meters)
    • Schematic Floor Plans have the same size limitation
    • Schematic Floor Plans are available in PDF and PNG formats.
    • Schematic Floor Plans will be delivered within 2 business days. Matterport will bill the card on file after the floor plan is completed.
    • Matterport does not currently support Schematic Floor Plan creation for models larger than 10,000 square feet.

    More info can be found here:

    @adam @Les Baker @Lisa Hinson

  • @adam thanks for drawing this to our attention, our product manager is working on updating the pricing so it reflects $14.99!

  • As a few folks mentioned, the price currently shows $36, but you will only be charged $14.99. In our excitement to launch this for the holidays, we forgot to take off the price sticker. ;-) We'll get that fixed soon!

  • The price in the product will be updated this week, but please know that anyone who ordered after Tuesday morning will get the $14.99 price.

    Matterport Linda

  • We really need these in m2 for the Australian market please!!! Can't be that hard to make an automatic caculation :(

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