For Sale - Matterport 3D Camera - Perfect Condition - Trusted Seller


I am Conor from Ireland but have companies eu3d in Brazil and company which is international.

I have a matterport camera since July 2015 Perfect condition, not a scratch, but deciding to sell it as I am focusing on other projects.

I make the videos for the matterport network forum we-get-around and I know @dan smigrod there very well if you need some references, he will let you know that I am 100% correct when it comes to business transactions.

At the moment the camera is in Brazil, but my brother in law goes to the US in Jan, so I can either post it from here internationally (reliable this side) or post it within the US in January.

I can ship for free registered standard air + quick release included. If you want to but bag, tripod can quote for that, but probably easier and cheaper to buy that in the US.

Price U$3,199 (ONO)

thanks Conor

PS - I've got photos but for some strange reason they have to be smaller than .5mb... can email them




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