Warning about buying cameras from third parties; no camera sales on this site, please

Hello all,

People sometimes ask us about buying Matterport cameras from third-parties. We are supportive of people re-selling cameras and folks being able to access used cameras for a discount, but we want to caution you about two things:

  1. The Matterport warranty is non-transferrable.
  2. We have seen cases where stolen cameras have appeared on online marketplaces and unfortunately, there are currently a few stolen cameras at large. While this is obviously not a frequent occurrence, we bring it to your attention because innocent buyers are often legally required to surrender these stolen goods, after they have paid for them. Matterport does reserve the right to disable stolen cameras and will attempt to flag and help recover them, if they are reported.

If you are buying a camera on the open market, we ask that you request the serial number in advance, and check it with our support team.

We ask that you sell no cameras on this site, please. Any posts about selling a camera will be deleted.

Please contact support.matterport.com for any questions, thank you!

-The Matterport Team




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