11/17/16 - Better details, better navigation, better control for your Spaces

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  • Just tried it now, and wow...

    Had a small error on win10+firefox:

    An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser's JavaScript console for more info. The error was: uncaught exception: abort() at jsStackTrace@blob: stackTrace@blob: .........

  • AWESOME!!! Love the magnification.

  • I too like the new snapshot feature. Downloaded a few today and with a little tweak in photoshop they were very usable. However I am getting the same error message that JC Coetzee mentioned. It always happens after taking 3 snapshots. It does it in Firefox, chrome and MS edge(explorer). Also running win10

  • Thanks for listening to the community. I like that when taking a snapshot I can see the full range of view now.

  • Update. It appears that the snapshot is working properly now. I did 7 snapshots this morning and it never locked up the workshop. The download all feature is nice also.

  • Hi Scott

    When will we be able to select a starting point for VR?



  • Hello @Marcia,

    Using the Workshop for VR tools you already can select a new VR starting point (most of the time).

    There are a few caveats, but normally a VR space will use the same starting location as the web version of your space, as long as that point is active in VR as well. So if you want to start your VR tour at the front door, set your Web Showcase to start at the front door and then make sure the same point is "on" in VR.

    There are however, a few exceptions this. As stated above, if the start point you use for Web Showcase is turned "off" in VR, the VR space will instead use a default to the lowest number active point in VR. Meaning, normally, it will use scan point 1. If scan point 1 is also "off" it will instead use scan point 2. If scan point 2 is "off" it will use scan point 3, ect, ect.

    Likewise, if you use a starting point for your web showcase that is not supported in VR, (A dollhouse veiw, or 360 View for example). VR will also default to the lowest numbered scan that is active in VR.

    For more information on how to edit your spaces for VR, check out our support site here:


    Keith S.

    Matterport VR

  • Thanks Keith that's really helpful information!

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