Using Mattertag Links to access specific scan locations, and 360 Views

As you hopefully know by now, you can use Mattertag Links to link models together (with more cool stuff here)!

Some of our more enterprising users have already discovered some additional capabilities, but if you're still exploring what you can do with Mattertag Links, here are great tips:

Use Mattertag Links to open a specific scan location.

Not only can you use Mattertag Links to open a Matterport model, you can also link to an exact location in that model. Here's how:

  1. In Showcase, navigate to the desired location in the model.
  2. Touch "U" and then 'Copy' -- this will copy a URL that opens to this exact location/view in the current model.
  3. Now, open Workshop.
  4. Add a Mattertag. Add a title. Click the Link tool (see below).
  5. Add link text, then click the URL field and paste in the URL.
  6. Click Done, and Publish.

Now, when a user clicks that link in Showcase, they will be taken to that exact location, with the same view angle!

Use Mattertag Links to jump to a 360 View.

And here's the great thing -- the above process works for 360 Views, also! Link from inside to outside, to show off features like pools, landscaping, views, and more!

Hope you enjoy it, and let us know how it goes.

-The Matterport Team



  • Its nice to be able to "go" to a 360 view via a mattertag, but please give us a way to get back to the 3D tour from the 360 view.

  • Hi @MP-Scott

    Am I missing something, is too long (see attached) - this is the link copied from a 'U' ?


  • Interesting, let me investigate! Worst case, you can use a URL shortener like, but that shouldn't be needed.

  • Ah, I see -- my instructions were not clear. Make sure to click the link button (bottom right button) and drop the URL into 'URL' dialog box. I'll clarify the instructions, thanks!

  • Scott, It seems that MSP must add text for the link - it is not optional when the entire link is too long - without text the dialogue box uses the URL as the desciption

  • @simonmodera, thank you, correcting the article!

  • Hi, when I go to add a link I cannot see the bottom of the box so don't have an option to 'save' what I've inputted. I'm using windows 10 if that's any help.

  • Hi there @will-1! Is this true in every browser, even if you stretch/compress the window? Sounds like might have a bug to squash! Can you post a screenshot, too, please?

  • This is great until you need to use mls compliment where no external links work. Is there a workaround?

  • Hi @kennethnygren,

    While the mls=1 parameter will remove all links from the Space, including those in a Mattertag Post, you can use the brand=0 parameter to remove contact and presented by info without getting rid of the links.

  • I must be missing something. When I enter the deep link into URL field and test the tour, the link is opened in a new tab (as it should for hyperlinks). But how do I make it work like this tour where it opens the link within the tour? OK strange, I tried it again and I guess the software took a while to recognize that it was an internal tour link, but now it doesn't open a new tab. Is this normal, the lag? 

  • I have not experience that lag before, so I would say it's not normal.  I'm glad it's working now.  As I'm sure you already know, for the link to open within the current tab, it should start with Shortened URLs won't work in the current tab and just open a new one every time. 

    I hope that helps. 


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