Hiding Mattertag Links and the VR button with &mls=1

Hello all,

With some MLSs having very strict rules, we wanted to let you know you can hide both links in Mattertag Posts and the VR button by using the &mls=1 parameter.

Here are examples of the same model, with and without the &mls=1 parameter:

We will be introducing this into the Matterport Cloud interface too, so it's more easily accessible. But, until then, feel free to use the above any time your MLS requires it!

UPDATE 11/21: Please note there is one known issue when using &mls=1 with links in Mattertag Posts. Instead of removing the hyperlink only, any text before it in the (optional) Description section is also removed. Any text after the link and the title remain as-is. Our team is hard at work to fix this issue.



  • Matterport ROCKS! Thank you!

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  • Thanks for the kind word, @Les Baker! We know there have been some rough patches for customers, and we're really trying to get back to where we should (and want) to be with all of you. Cheers!

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  • Update just added!

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