Mattertag Links + Quickstart = MSP opportunity

Hello, everyone!

We’re getting some great feedback on this week’s launch of Quickstart and Mattertag Links, so thank you for the patience!

The combination of those two features also opens up what we think is an exciting opportunity for MSPs. We’d love to invite you to test this out, and see what you think....

Guest houses, casitas, and more.

Often, a property will include both the main house, and other separate buildings like guest houses. Until now, there wasn’t a good way to link the two models together. With Mattertag Links, you can. And with Quickstart, the new model will load FAST -- in the same window, so the user experience is nearly seamless.

In the model for the main house, just place a Mattertag on the door leading to the guest house. For the link, put in the public URL to the guest house. Add Quickstart to the end of the URL (&qs=1). The text can be "Visit the guest house." Save, and publish.

Now, load the main house in Showcase. Go to your Mattertag, and click the link. The guest house loads! You can use the same technique to allow the viewer to go back to the main house.

Think big.

By using Quickstart and Mattertag Links together, you link more than just two models together. Scanning a 100,000 square foot conference hall? Just break it down into smaller models, and link them each together. Or scan each floor of a tall office-building, with each floor listed in a tag near the elevator. Or, scan the same model, day and night, and let the user change between them!

We’re still proving out the idea, but we wanted to offer it to you, and see what you came up with! Post your coolest ideas here!



  • Hi Scott, Have tried the Mattertag. Will be central to a forthcoming proposal to a multi-story environment where multiple models would be needed as a single model would not be practical / feasible.

    Are there plans to enable Mattertags to link to other images / places in the same model? For instance: IMAGE - MT on front door would take you to an exterior 360 such as a street view. Realizing that this needs each 'image' to have a url this would enable an 'auto-spin' of the 360. PLACE - To a named scan number. Go from scan 113 on floor 3 to scan 1 on floor 1 at say the front entrance.

  • Having tested the beta version, I really like how easy it is to add URLS. Will really help in many uses.

  • Last time I tried this did not work for all of what you're asking, but it was fine for some, and maybe meanwhile there have been fixes for some others.

    Pro-Tip: you can do your tests using the URLs that you get by pressing the U key anywhere in Showcase, eventually trying to "simplify" them to fit the length limit.

  • More on that coming soon, @Antonio Orlando!

  • Read your article, great :)

  • :-) Thanks for the patience, @Antonio Orlando!

  • Hi @Scott-Matterport, Matterlink functionality is working great! At the moment I'm scanning (wedding)party center and I can guide people and allow them to jump from room to room :) Quick question though, it would be better if the text in the Mattertags incl link is always shown, as some people would not understand there is info/functionality underneath the MT circle. Is this possible? Thnx (again ;-))

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